About Us

Nuturemite is a website that offers credible information, which helps you in making healthy eating choices. It serves as a gateway and provides reliable information on nutrition, healthy eating, physical activity, and food safety for consumers. Our website receives guidance from professionals like doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, fitness gurus, and the best nutrition counselors, who work as a team for making a healthy society.

What do we do?

Nuturemite is the site that gives you information regarding the foods that boost up the health of an individual, their effects on different systems of our body, various food recipes, food safety, health and fitness, food based on different age groups. We make you get exposed to the experts and professionals in fitness and health, with whose suggestion you can get your queries answered, which is available in different languages, as per the customer request. We also present you with high-quality food supplements if required, as per their prescription.

Who we are?

We, through our website Nuturemite, bring experts in nutrition and health care, available to guide the needy proper nutrition, the food choices that should be made to keep ourselves fit and healthy, owing to the symptoms of a disease or for chronic suffering. One might get to know about the nutritional benefits of the foods, but what makes you turn to us is, we guide you to have the right food, at right time, in the right way as per your body requirements.

The registered dietitians, nutritionists design various nutrition programs to bring awareness about nutritious foods and their importance in protecting the health of an individual by being cautious toward allergic reactions. Thus, we can alleviate the symptoms of many chronic diseases. This helps you to enjoy healthy foods without hesitation and also assists you to stay fit throughout your life.


We at Nuturemite respect and appreciate all the health care professionals, who take time for their clients. We believe in partnerships with health care professionals. We are eager to take the time to listen to our customers and to understand their needs. We really focus on our mission, which is truly important and meaningful to us. We have a keen interest to hear from you regarding the queries about health, dwelling in your minds. Our vision is accomplished only with the satisfaction of our customers and employees.


Nuturemite aspires to support the health of an individual by suggesting appropriate foods, as per their body acceptabilities, which in turn builds a healthy society. In the journey to achieve our vision, we are at your service presenting the expertized professionals and making up their accessibility. Thereby, the clients or patients get suggested with the qualitative food supplements, which get delivered in no time to the clients..


We provide online consultation with the high profile professionals in health care, diet, fitness, etc..who will consider the aroused suspicions in your minds and resolves the complication you are facing with. Based on your query, the relevant professional gets versed and suggests you act accordingly. We provide you a timely response, as health is not to be neglected.



  • In spite of being busy with the hectic schedules of health care professionals, it’s our pleasure to bring access for you with the high profile dieticians, nutritionists, fitness trainers, etc., for attending your doubts.
  • Our vision started, keeping in mind the health issues prevailing around our society. So, with your pat on our back, we assure you that you will get a satisfactory response from our team and solutions to all health-related issues you are facing.
  • In addition to providing health services, we provide you with high-quality nutrition supplements as per our professional’s suggestion.
  • We assure you of quick delivery of the products ordered, as health is our main concern.
  • We support you to enjoy delicious foods with caution as per your body makeover without reluctance because we have only one wonderful life to enjoy. Thus, do grab this opportunity to be associated with our team.

Join Us

Dear Sir/Madam,
We are pleased to introduce ourselves as Nuturemite based in Telangana India.
Nuturemite was launched in the year 2019 with a mission to provide nutrition services and a vision to serve people across the globe. In the process of accomplishing our vision, we are eagerly working as a team with the fast-growing nutritional companies, providing online consultation services, and also involved in the trading of nutritional supplements.
We are a team of highly enthusiastic, energetic professionals from different sectors like dietitians, nutritionists, fitness gurus, and software developers. The strength of our company lies in the expertized professionals from diverse backgrounds.
Our registered dietitian, nutritionist are the experts, who guide on proper nutrition and also the food choices to be made to be healthy. Suggestions are also made to the patients suffering from the symptoms of a disease or chronic condition.
It will be a pleasure on our part to work with the experts for achieving a healthy society. If you’re interested, we are pleased to offer you, as a consultant to our company. Please post your details to contact@nuturemite.info or sales@nuturemite.info we will have a talk.