Jostaberry: A rich source of Vitamin C that aids in maintaining the health of the heart, skin, and body

Jostaberry: A rich source of Vitamin C that aids in maintaining the health of the heart, skin, and body

Jostaberry is actually a genetic cross between black currants and gooseberries and is native to Germany. It was developed by Dr Rudolph Bauer at Max-Planck Institute in Cologne Germany around 1970. Jostaberries are an excellent fruit to eat fresh or after they have been refrigerated. They also freeze well. Jostaberries add a delicious flavor to homemade ice cream and are excellent in pies, cakes and stewed.

Benefits of jostaberry

1. Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

Good levels of vitamin C in your diet help to prevent atherosclerosis, a dangerous condition where the artery walls thicken with fatty deposits. Atherosclerosis is the leading cause of fatal heart disease and stroke, but by improving cardiovascular health, vitamin C may reduce your risk of developing serious heart problems. Vitamin C contained in Jostaberry has also been shown to improve circulation, mostly in the case of peripheral vascular disease. It also helps people who experience colds hands and feet in the cooler weather. Improving circulation can benefit almost all areas of your body as there is more blood carrying nutrients to cells.

2. Cataracts

Our eye pupils need a good amount of Vitamin C to function properly. Vitamin C insufficiency may cause cataracts, where the lens becomes increasingly opaque, causing blurry vision and leads to blindness in adults. A high intake of Vitamin C fights against cataracts and increases the amount of blood flow to the eye. 1000 mg Vitamin C per day stops cataracts in their tracks and improves vision. Therefore including vitamin C rich food like jostaberry can be a good option to obtain the required amount of Vitamin C.

3. Fight Signs of Aging

Too much time in the sun may result in premature signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. Including a Vitamin C packed product like moisturizer or serum into your skincare lineup can reverse the sun’s unwanted effects on your complexion.

4. Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

Two of the most common health concerns as people age are blood pressure and overall cholesterol level, each of which can show a risk for heart disease as well as other serious health risks over time. In several studies, those patients who regularly consumed the recommended amount of Vitamin C rich foods lime jostaberry each day were more likely to reduce their cholesterol level over time. Additionally, the vitamin has been related to a gradual drop in blood pressure levels for those patients that have chronically higher blood pressure.

5. Immunity

A healthy dose of Jostaberry protects our body from infections and maintains healthy bones and teeth due to the presence of a higher amount of Vitamin C content. It also improves our body’s ability to repair wounds and keeps us immune from bacteria, viruses, and infection. Not only is it a well-known component of our immune system, but it is also essential for collagen, the main structural protein found in connective tissue. Vitamin C, when taken orally, helps wounds heal faster and better. Applied topically, it safeguards the skin from free radical damage from exposure to UV rays.

Adding jostaberries to your diet

It is excellent for eating fresh or for processing into cordials, beverages, wine, jellies, preserves, pies and jams. A wonderful jam can be made using fully ripened berries. Savory uses are in chicken dishes and salads or for great chutneys and relishes.

The best time to eat jostaberries is anytime during daytime.

Side effects

Jostaberries does not have any proved side effects if consumed in moderation .

Recipe for Jostaberry Jelly Recipe


1kg (21b) Jostaberries

Jam sugar (450g [1lb] to every 600 ml [1 pint] of juice)

600ml (1 pt) water


Remove the worst of the twiggy bits from the Jostaberries and rinC/se the fruit.

Put the fruit into a preserving pan or large boiling pot with the water. Bring it slowly to a simmer, and continue simmering for around 45 minutes, until the fruit is cooked and mushy.

Remove from the heat, cool slightly, and put through a jelly bag. Do not squeeze the bag as this makes the jelly cloudy. (I usually leave it overnight as I’m too impatient otherwise!)

Put washed jars (you will probably need around twelve) in an oven at a low heat (140°/280°F/Gas mark ) to sterilise them.

Measure the quantity of juice you have, put it in a clean preserving pan and bring it to the boil.

Then add the sugar: you will need 450g sugar to every 600ml of juice.


Once the sugar has completely dissolved, turn up the heat and bring the juice to a rapid boil. Remove any scum that has arisen.

Maintain the rapid boil for approximately 8 minutes, then test to see if it sets. I used to do this by dropping a teaspoon of jelly onto a cold plate, leaving it for a minute and then pushing it with my finger nail to see if it wrinkled, but I’ve more recently invested in a jam thermometer, which makes things a lot easier.

If the jelly doesn’t set, just boil it for a little longer and test again. Stir in any further scum that has appeared, and you’re ready to jar.

Leave the jelly to cool very slightly (usually, while you’re getting the jars out of the oven and finding the ladle is enough time).

Decant the jelly into your hot jars, using oven gloves, and put wax circles on the top, followed by the lids.

Recipe for Jostaberry and mint smoothie


6 apples

225g jostaberries or blackcurrants

10g mint


 Feed everything through your juicer. Or peel and chop a couple of apples. Whizz with the berries or currants, mint leaves with 250ml cold water for a creamy berry smoothie.

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