Recipe for Amla (Indian gooseberry) Murabba

Recipe for Amla (Indian gooseberry) Murabba


1 Kg Amla

2 tsp Chemical lime

1 1/2 kg Sugar

6 cups Water

1 tbsp Lemon juice


Prick amla with a fork. Dissolve 1 tsp lime in water and soak amla overnight.

Remove and wash well. Repeat once more.

Drain and wash thoroughly.

Squeeze and rinse to eliminate lime remains.

Boil water then add amla.

Cook till tender and transparent.

Drain and keep aside.

Make syrup with sugar, lemon juice and 6 cups of water.

Maintain one thread consistency, skimming off any scum that keeps forming.

Add amla, bring to a boil and simmer for 4-5 minutes.

Let it cool, then store in a clean airtight jar.

You can add elaichi or any other flavoring of your choice.

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