How to make healthy banana milkshake?

  1. The ripened bananas are very good for health. It is easily digestible, rich in anti-oxidants. It also helps for heart burn and also good for cardiovascular health. Thus, here we are choosing ripened bananas.
  2. Here we are adding honey, as it is very beneficial for health of an individual.
  3. The ripened bananas are cut into pieces and are put into blender. Then add honey, chilled milk and blend it smoothly.
  4. Then the milkshake is taken into the serving glasses. The finely chopped dry fruits are added for garnishing.
  5. The yummy, tasty as well as healthy banana milkshake is ready to be served. This gives instant energy to the athletes, as a energy booster to the ones after work-outs.
  6. This simple recipe is well liked by all age groups, from kids to elderly.

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