The easy way of preparing healthy Ponnanganni (Sessile joyweed)dal fry

The easy way of preparing healthy Ponnanganni (Sessile joyweed)dal fry

The ponnaganni/ponnaganti leaves are commonly found in the parts of Asia, India and Srilanka. Consuming these leaves in any form improves the health of an individual. In India, its named as “Golden plant”. It improves digestion, eye and skin health and used for different ailments in Ayurveda. It is rich in Vitamins A,C, calcium, iron, dietary fibre and beta carotene 1.

The leaves are separated from the stems and used in recipes. The taste is similar to that of spinach.

Here, one of the healthy and delicious recipes was mentioned.

  1. The ponnanganni leaves are seperated from stems, washed thoroughly and chopped finely.
  2. The toor dal is half boiled and kept aside, removing water if any.
  3. Oil is added to the frying pan. After heating it, add mustard, jeera, halved red chilles and garlic cloves. When they started spluttering, then add chopped leaves .
  4. Close the pan with lid. So that the leaves get cooked with the moisture present. With frequent mixing, allow it to get cooked for 1o minutes.
  5. Then add the half boiled toor dal into the frying pan. Mix well, allow it to get cooked. Close the lid and leave it for 5 more minutes. Add chilli powder to it, mix well and switch off the flame. The mixing should be such that the dal does not get mashed.
  6. Finally, the Ponnanganni dry fry is ready and tastes good with hot rice and ghee. Also it can be consumed with rotis.

This is less spiced and thus it can be fed to the children. This is simply, yet healthy recipe and if once tried, you will definitely add this to your regular main course 2.

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