Role of a parent in the development of child with good character

Role of a parent in the development of child with good character

Parenting is definitely a long term task for every parent. There are researches going on describing how to raise the children, how the behaviour of parent should be and so on. There are many conclusions drawn from them. Here I want to bring a few points that help you to bring up the child with good characteristics. Definitely, the parents play a vital role in the growth of child’s character.

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Every parent wants their child to be successful and be with good characters. Here is the simple question for all.

Are you working towards the development of your child with good character?

Most of the parents think being very strict and restricting them in all ways keeps them good. But, the aspect of being good and doing good develops from the home itself. The good parenting in turn helps them to develop honesty, empathy, kindness, self-control, cheerfulness and cooperation 1.

The below are few tips sorted out of all researches made for developing good characteristics in a child:

  1. Know your child. Try to listen them. This helps for developing good relationship between child and parent. The child feels secured when there is  confidence of having parent with good support.
  2. Be good to them, inspite of their actions. Don’t try to act quickly and behave rudely. Hear the problem and the reason behind their actions. Try to explain them how to behave and take the things. This brings up good aspects of reacting to the surroundings.
  3. Make time for children. Michele Borba, Ed.D., an advisory to parents and author of book named “ The big book of parenting solutions” quoted that to make your child good at academics and learning abilities, there is a need for patience and dedication. So spend time with your child. This will help you to know the impact of surroundings on him. Eat and sleep with them. Play with them.
  4. Encourage their interests. There will be hidden talent or interest in every child. Bring out and help them in the way of learning their interests. Don’t force them to do what you like to.
  5. Appreciate the little efforts. The appreciation is a good motivation for every one. So do appreciate for the little good things they do at home. Then they try to inculcate the good behaviour. Hug them, pat at the back for good things they did.
  6. Develop empathy in them. The child is thought to be kind and be empathetic to the situation. Ask them to think from the side of others and tell them to behave positively to the situations.
  7. Calm down the child while they are electrified to the situations. Explain them how to be bold enough to face them in future. Help them to develop confidence and be self-esteemed.
  8. Don’t show up your work pressures on the child. We should not show anger or your stress on the child. This psychologically affects them and depresses them. The good relationship with your partner and cooperation helps to strive away the pressures and in turn doesn’t affect the child mentally.
  9. Develop good eating habits. Parents should take interest to develop healthy and good eating habits. This helps in developing healthy mind and thinking.
  10.  Respect their aspirations. Always take interest to the things they wanted to do. Support and motivate them to achieve. Positive attitude and motivation towards them brings up healthy relationship among the child, family and society.

As there is a saying, today’s child is tomorrow’s citizen. Thus, good parenting skills should be developed and counselling sessions to be followed for the new parents, in order to achieve the goal of growing up the child with good characteristics. The child grows up looking the parent, how they are , how they are treating others, how the child is treated , how they live, spent and interact, how they spend money, any charities made by them, etc. All the actions done by the parents are imitated by children in their life. So it’s the responsibility of the parents to bring up child in good environment.

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