Parsnips the source of healthiness and taste

Parsnips the source of healthiness and taste



Parsnips are sweet,fleshy underground taproots closely related to the carrot family of vegetables.They indeed have similar appearance and growth characteristics as other Apiaceae family members like carrots,parsley,celery,cumin etc.

However, they have a sweetness similar to a carrot but with an earthy nuttiness. In previous times Europeans used parsnips for making sweeteners before sugarcane. It is highly rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Nutrition Facts:

Nutrients Values
Energy 113.6 calories
Total Fat 0.5g
Sodium 16mg
Potassium 587.2 mg
Carbohydrates 27.2g
Protein 2.1g
Vitamin B6 0.1mg

Vitamin E 1.6mg
Calcium 59.2mg
Iron 0.9mg

Vitamin C 20.8mg
Magnesium 46.4mg
Phosphorus 110.4mg
Zinc 0.4mg
Copper 0.2mg
Manganese 0.5mg
Thiamine 0.1mg
Riboflavin 0.1mg
Niacin 1.2mg
Water 128.4g

Health benefits of parsnips:

Good for heart:

Parsnip contains potassium and acts as a vasodilator.It thus helps to reduce blood pressure by preventing the arteries and veins from tightening and reduces pressure on your heart. Excess homocysteine in the blood can cause various ailments of the heart.

Rich in dietary fibre:

Parsnips are rich in soluble fiber that helps to reduce cholesterol levels and also lowers the chances of developing diabetes. Dietary fiber helps to facilitates the smooth movement of bowel through the digestive system. This helps to prevent constipation and gastrointestinal disorders.

Prevents birth defects:

Parsnips are rich in folate that helps to reduce the occurrence of neural tube defects in newborn babies.

Helps to lose weight:

Parsnips when consumed makes you feel fuller for a long period of time as they are rich in soluble fiber.This helps to reduce your intake of food and helps to maintain your weight.

Prevents anaemia:

Consumption of parsnips helps to prevent anemia as they are rich in iron and vitamins C and B9.These are essential for production of blood and for preventing anemia.

Side effects of parsnips:

Firstly, sensitive people may experience oral allergy syndrome (OAS) and contact dermatitis after they consume parsnip.
Secondly, rashes or burning sensation in the lips, mouth and throat are some of the symptoms of OAS.

Fun facts of parsnips:

Firstly, the parsnip is a root vegetable closely related to the carrot and parsley.
Secondly, parsnip is sweet in flavor and is usually served as a cooked vegetable.
Thirdly it can be baked,boiled,roasted,fried,grilled or steamed.

How to buy and store parsnips?

Firstly, in the markets choose fresh,firm,fleshy,medium size,even surfaced parsnips.
Secondly, avoid long,thin and tail like roots,as they are stringy and less sought-after in cooking.
Thirdly avoid woody, over mature ones as they are off-flavored.
Fourthly, don’t buy soft, shriveled or damaged roots.
Fifthly, store parsnips in a plastic bag and place in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator.
Lastly, don’t put raw parsnips in the freezer compartment.

North Indian Dish:

Stir fried honey parsnip recipe with herbs:

Nutrients Facts:

Nutrients Values
Energy 137.4 calories
Total Fat 3.5 g
Cholesterol 0.0mg
Sodium 242.4mg
Potassium 304.4mg
Total Carbohydrate 26.4g
Protein 1.4g


1.800 grams parsnips
2.1/2 cup honey
3.3 tbsp sesame oil
4.2 tbsp soy sauce
5.5 cloves garlic
6.1 tbsp dried thyme leaves
7.1/2 tsp dried oregano
8.1/4 cup vegetable stock
9.1 tbsp black pepper powder


Firstly stir fried honey parsnips with herbs, peel the parsnips then cut them across along their length into 1 inch long slices or like french fried potato sized pieces.
Then bring water to boil and add the parsnips and cook until tender or for about 5 minutes.
After that set a heavy bottomed work over medium heat. Add oil, garlic and saute for 2 minutes. Add the crushed peppercorns and stir fry for a few seconds.
Then pour in the vegetable broth,soy sauce and honey. Cook the honey sauce until starts to bubble.
Then add the parsnips and stir fry until well roasted from all sides. Turn off and stir in thyme, Oregano. Transfer to a serving platter and serve.
Lastly serve the stir honey parsnips with herbs as side dish.

South Indian Dish:

Curried Parsnip soup:

Nutrients Values:

Nutrients Values
Energy 113 calories
Fat 2g
Cholesterol 6 mg
Sodium 513 mg
Carbohydrate 20g
Protein 5g


1.1 large onion finely chopped
2.1 large carrot finely chopped
3.1 tbsp butter
4.1/4 kg parsnips, peeled and chopped
5.1 tsp curry powder
6.1/4 tsp salt
7.1/4 tsp pepper
8.1 cup fat free milk


Firstly, in a large saucepan, saute onion and carrot in butter until onion is tender. Add parsnips and cook for about 5 minutes. Bring to boil and reduce heat and cook for about 10 minutes until parsnips are tender
Then cool slightly. In a blender process soup in batches until smooth. Return all to the pan, stir in milk and boil for about 5 minutes.

Lastly, serve the hot dish.

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