Week 1 pregnancy

Week 1 pregnancy

This first week is actually your menstrual period.Because your expected delivery date ( EDD ) is calculated from the first day of your last period,this week counts as past of your 40 week pregnancy even-though your baby hasn’t been conceived yet.

Despite the facts there are no clear indicators at this stage the first week of pregnancy is as important as the other weeks because proper care during initial weeks will lead to a stronger and healthier baby.

Before becoming pregnant you should avoid alcohol,drugs and tobacco products.Consuming these products can cause birth defects,fetal alcohol syndrome,respiratory problems,low birth weight and other health problems.

Talk to your doctor of you are taking any prescription and non prescription drugs.

Women who are attempting to become pregnant should take 400 micro-grams of folic acid a day.

Symptoms during week 1 of pregnancy:

2.Slight bleeding or cramping
4.Food cravings
7.Mood swing

Lifestyle to be followed during week 1 of pregnancy:

1.Start a healthier diet: There isn’t a specific diet but eating healthier foods can help you get pregnant faster.Include foods like green leafy vegetables,mercury free fish,seeds,nuts,complex carbs,fruits.
2.Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday.
3.Avoid certain foods like consuming alcohol,tobacco,excessive caffeine,simple carbs etc.
4.Start with light exercise.
5.Get enough sleep
6.Set up a pre-conceptional visit with your doctor.

Exercises during week 1 of pregnancy and its effects:

Maintaining regular exercise throughout your pregnancy can help you stay healthy and feel good.Regular exercise can improve your posture and decreases some common discomforts such as fatigues and backaches.Regular exercise may help to prevent gestational diabetes.
It helps to release stress and helps to build more stamina which is required during delivery.

It is always best to go for low impact exercises such as walking,yoga,swimming etc.

Yoga helps the body to gently stretch and develop strength.People practising yoga from longer duration can continue yoga until and unless they are practising in a warm environment.’

During pregnancy try to avoid these :

1.Back bends
2.Positions that involve raising the feet above the head and heart.
3.Positions that involve abdominal twists.
4.Positions that create pressure on the uterus.

Which is the best time to start yoga in pregnancy?

The right time to start yoga is from the second trimester.
Normally doctors advice pregnant women not to perform yoga during first trimester.
In first trimester,simple meditation are enough.

Foods that should be avoided during pregnancy:

Avoiding the below mentioned foods will keep you and your baby healthy.

1.Fish containing mercury:
Fish such as shark,tile fish contain high levels of mercury.Mercury is an element which is found in oceans,lakes etc which converts into methyl mercury in the human body.It is a neurotoxin which leads to brain damage and development delays in babies.

2.Raw or under-cooked eggs:
Raw or under-cooked eggs should not be consumed as they contain harmful salmonella bacteria,which causes food poisoning.You may also suffer from diarrhea,vomiting,abdominal pain etc.

3.Unpasteurized milk:
It is not safe to drink unpasteurized milk or raw milk as it contains harmful bacteria called salmonella which can be dangerous to you and your baby.

4.Unwashed fruits and vegetables:
Unwashed fruits and vegetables contains toxoplasma parasite which harms the developing baby.

5.Excess caffeine :
Higher amount of caffeine could increase the chances of miscarriage and low birth weight babies.Other drinks which can be avoided are soft drinks,diet soda,alcohol,iced tea.

6.Sugar rich foods:
Cut down on sugar rich foods such as desserts,candies,cakes,ice creams,sweetened beverages.They worsen pregnancy discomforts,increase weight,increase gestational diabetes etc.

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