The surveys on gain weight tell much about the present situation across the globe. Usually, one can fine people struggling to lose weight. However, indeed we find another category of people who are striving to gain weight. As everyone know that body mass index is something which determine whether a person is underweight or overweight. While calculating BMI, height, gender, weight and age of an individual are considered to determine his/her BMI ratio. If BMI were less than 18.5 then that person would be considered as underweight. In addition, if the ratio crosses 30 then one must be believed to be an obese person.

Weight gain drink for women

Now here are some of the tips for the women who are taken into account that they are underweight. Being weak can disturb a woman’s schedule to maximum extent. This can also lead to decrease in muscle mass unhealthy skin and hair, weak immune system, tender bones, and disturbances in menstrual cycle. It is advisable for women to gain weight by undergoing some healthy tips rather than storing fat under their skins.

Now here are some of the tips to be taken by women to gain weight in a healthy manner.


It is good to increase the number of salaries to be taken by an individual.

In addition, 500 calories per day is recommendable.

However, the things to be noted while gaining weight is that, these extra calories must come from a source, which is rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Weight gain by eating healthy phone

The food taken by women in order to gain should be pure and fresh.

Therefore, it is best to avoid junk food. This is because this would a bad cholesterol to the body, which would give rise to many health issues.

Weight gain by eating carbs


However, women in daily chores do not find enough time to eat properly.

 They usually do not care about the stuff they eat.

However, eating food, which contains high fat content, can result in obesity.

Therefore, a proper diet is the one, which contains leafy vegetables along with some nuts, peanut butter, olive oil, seeds and avocados.

Weight gain by eating fruits


Adding protein to the regular diet will give good results.

Protein rich food includes fish, lean meat and poultry.

Weight gain by drinking smoothies

Even eggs, grains, legumes and dairy products have good amount of proteins.

Protein shakes, smoothies and juices are also leave their part in increasing the protein content in the body.


Oil is the major component who leaves bad results on the body.

Taking high oil content into the body can add more amount of calories.

Weight gain by consuming high calories oil

However, taking sufficient amount of oil is also very important.

One can fry vegetables in oil and stirring it properly will give good taste as well as required amount of calories to the body.


Drinking juices with high amount of calories can help an individual to gain weight.

Drinking a glass of milk, which is very rich in calcium and magnesium, helps the thinner people to gain bone weight.

Protein shakes are the one, which helps, in gaining muscle mass.

A glass of juice early morning can rejuvenate a person and its high calories will help in gaining good amount of weight.


Divide your meal for the day for weight gain

It is better to add some extra quantity of food to one’s daily food quantity. If an individual take it too hard to complete it while having snacks, then it is better to skip it and have good amount of food at mealtime.


Doctors usually suggest dividing the proportion of food what an individual consumes into several small quantities.

It sounds good when we eat 6 times a day in smaller proportions.

One should have their short meal for every 3-4 hours.

Eat in three to four hours for weight gain

These 6 times a day can be divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, one should include 3 snacks in between them.


Avoiding water before meals helps in taking in more food.

Drink water before eating your meal for weight gain

Therefore, one should not fill her stomach with water when it is time to eat something.


We should eat stomach-full food at night as empty stomach releases acid which can cause ulcers.

Take small snacks before sleeping for weight gain

However, taking small quantity of food or snacks before sleep will help in controlling the acid secreted from the stomach.

The above highlighted points are generally observed and followed widely. These points when strictly followed by a woman then she can observe appreciable results in her life.

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