As parents your life before the pregnancy period matters a lot for the overall development of the baby. Your lifestyle is something which you must care about, in order to have a perfectly healthy baby. Thus doctors have coined a new term for the reproductive period in men and women, and that is Preconception Health.

          It refers to the health of both men and women during their reproductive age, i.e the years in which they are sexually active and can have a child. And it deals with taking the necessary actions for the health of baby they may have in future. Lets have a detailed view of it.

Preconception Health Care

Preconception health care is a unique medical care given to a man or a woman by the gynaecologists or other health professionals that focuses on the parts of health that have been regarded to stimulate the chance of having a healthy baby. As mentioned it is unique health care, because it is different for every person, depending on her or his different unique needs. Based on an individual’s health, the doctors suggest a course of treatment or follow-up care as required by the person. A proper health care routein results in good health of women, men, and also of baby.

Healthy Women

Preconception health is vital not only for those those women who are planning pregnancy but for each and every women. This means women should take care of how to control and choose healthy habits. Preconditioning of health means living well, being healthy, and feeling good about your life. It is all about setting a target, a plan for the future and taking the steps to reach there for sure.

Healthy Men

As it is important for women similarly its important for men, too. It means choosing to stay as healthy as possible. As a partner, it becomes your duty to encourage and support the health of your partner. As a father, it means protecting your child from the unwanted disease that could get transfer in them from you.

Healthy Babies

Preconception health is a gift of legacy to babies from their parents. For babies, preconception health means that their parents ensured to take steps to get healthy before pregnancy. Babies of such parents, are less likely to be born early i.e premature delivery or have a low body weight at time of birth. They are more likely to be born without any body defects, deficiencies or other conditions.It gives babies a good chance for a healthy start in life.

Healthy Families

Ensuring a proper pre-conditioning of good health is a great way to create a healthy family. The health of a family relies on the health of both the parents and the children in the family.

The concept of preconception health is designed in a way so that both parents as well as the coming child may benefit from it. It also involves analyzing the health goals and doing a proper family planning. A proper planning for the baby is a must these as most the pregnancies in parts of United States and India is unplanned and leads to either abortion or poor health of the baby due to lack of care. Which generally leads to still born babies or infant deaths during the time of delivery or labor pain. Hence doctors advice a proper future planning of the baby before even planning to have one.


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