The Venomous COVID-19

The Venomous COVID-19

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With enhanced human intelligence and inventions, mankind is facing a reticent truth. A truth that has put human existence at stake. The skies went pale from the bright aurora as soon as the baleful Covid-19 caused by the virus named novel corona virus or Sars-CoV-2, cascaded the entire world . It started engulfing everyone it came across in implicit darkness. The novel corona virus is a new virus. The outbreak of this virus was reported to have taken place in November 1999. It has become one of the most controversial topics with most of the clues laying their eyes on China. There are many stories of the out break. Out an old Chinese man consuming a corona virus infected bat is the most famous one.

However, no confirmation on any such information has been given yet. This virus spreads through physical contact, mainly through the saliva droplets. The salivary drolpets of an infected person contains these viruses which. These remain in search of their new host where they can sustain, reproduce and survive. Corona virus stays in a body for 14-22 days. Within this time interval either our immunity system develops anti-bodies against it. Then it kills the virus or the virus ends the life of it’s host. This virus can also be fatal in some extreme cases. Thus, it is very important for everyone to stay well-informed. As well as vigilant to defeat this pandemic situation that the entire world is facing.


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The virus, Sars-CoV-2 affects a person in four stages. It is not important for a person to experience all the four stages. Some only experience the first stage. Some experience the first two stages, some experience the first three stages while very few people experience all the four stages.

First stage

In the first stage the person does not exhibit any of the symptoms, and remains almost unaware of the infection. This happens in people with a high immunity system. The immunity system does not lets the virus harm the system instead acts against the virus towards its destruction. This stage is the most suited for the sufferer but is hazardous for others. The person even in the first stage will be able to transmit the disease to others. As the person won’t be aware of their infection. ThIs increases the transmission probability. Many people move towards the second stage while for some this is the initial and the final stage.

Secound stage

In the second stage the person gets mild cough and cold. This stage exhibits the symptoms of common cold and mild headache, it is very difficult to be identified. The upper respiratory tract gets an infection in this stage. The immunity system, however does not let the virus cause any other harm and cause destruction to the virus in 14-22 days. The virus transmission is continued. This might be the final stage for some while some might move on to the next stage depending on the strength of their immune system.

Third stage

In the third stage the symptoms reach a little more serious lane including mild fever. The third stage makes the person sick enough to stay away from work, they develop flue-like sympotms. Continuous transmission takes place even at this stage. People reaching this stage do not have that strong immunity system. Some people then move forward to the next level, which is the most dangerous stage of this disease.

Fourth stage

In the fourth and the final stage the symptoms gets intensified to the maximum with difficulty in breathing. People reaching this stage have weak immunity. Generally are elderly people aged above 60, children till the age of 10. People with some disease such as diabetes, cardiovascular, or respiratory diseases are also prone to this virus. The survival in this stage is like a toss, and it demands unique care and treatment. This stage develops into severe pneumonia symptoms.

The infection in COVID-19 occurs due to the infection in to the respiratory tract. The air passage conducting air between the lungs, and the outside. This infection damages the lining of this respiratory tract causing inflammation. This irritates the nerves in the path of the linning. If this infection gets intensified then it causes inflammation in the air sacs. Then the air sacs produce inflammatory material. These inflammatory materials fills the passage and causes difficulty to the oxygen in reaching the bloodstream. In severe conditions it might cause death.


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It takes 3-4 days for the symptoms to show. These symptoms can vary between being mild in some on the other hand being severe in some. The intensity of the symptoms depend on the Immunity power and health conditions of a person. Let’s now discuss each, and every symptom of the COVID-19 infection.

1) Cough:
Cough is the sound made by the process of clearing the air pipe. This is caused due to the irritation caused in the lining of the air passage. Coughing sometimes also facilitates the transfer of saliva or water droplets from the infected person to the non-infected person.
2) Fever:
A person is said to be suffering from virus when he or she has a body temperature above 100F or 38 c.

3) Tiredness:
The virus makes a person weak and hence it results in feeling of tiredness.

4) Breathing difficulties:
This only occurs in severe cases, where the person reaches the fourth stage. 80% of the infected person, do not this symptom. However, difficulty in breathing is a sigh of danger. Therefore, one must take serious measures.


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The virus was discovered when several pneumonia cases popped up featuring the cause to be an unknown virus. In most of the cases this virus only causes mild cold like situation and the sufferer recovers on their own without any special treatment. However, 20% out of the entire lot can suffer fatal threats from this virus. This virus is ife threatening for every sixth person.

Conflicts still surround the origin of this virus. It is still not clear weather this virus is man-made, or biological, and it’s causes vary from person to person. For some it imitates the panorama of cold while for some it can lead to a mendicant state. People above the age of 60, people having high blood pressure, diabetes, heart and lungs problems and children till the age of 10 get more critical with the attack of corona virus. As for these the percentile of this disease turning into a fatal one remains high.

To enshrine ourselves from the virus we must opt for proper safety measure and precautions. The venomous COVID-19 spreads through physical contact especially through salivary droplets. When a person sneezes or coughs in front of another person this virus might get transmitted from one person to another. It can also spread when a person coughs, or sneezes. Hen the droplets containing the virus gets deposited on a surface. This deposited virus might come in contact with another person with the means of touch. When the person then touches their face, eyes, ears or mouth the virus gets transmitted to another person. It is very important to halt the spread of the novel corona virus as if not stopped it will keep on spreading.

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If anyone doubts to be suffering from COVID-19 or shows the above mentioned symptoms must immediately contact a doctor for check up. This is a hazardous disease, and it is very important to stop it from spreading. There are a lot of people that asume that their body is strong enough to fight this demon. To such people the only appeal is to think about the weak that might get infected due to their contact. These weak people can be their loved ones, their family members, their parents, their grandparent, their children or their relatives with certain weaknesses. For these people the survival would be a strenuous fight. Let’s think about them and the world as our and fight this devil together.


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