Ginseng Capsules

Ginseng Capsules

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Ginseng capsules are herbal supplement. Its origin lays back to ancient times in China when the Chinese people started experimenting with its beneficial impact on human health.

DOSAGE Of Ginseng Capsules

Daily 200-400mg is the ideal dosage. Proper retention takes place for this quantity. Before meals is the right time for intake. This magnified absorption. One must start with a lower dosage. However, these capsules should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women, and children. The consumption Cycle is of 2-3 week. With a break of one week in between. In certain cases, the effects of these capsules diminishing after extended use.

ADVANTAGES Of Ginseng Capsules :

Minimises inflammation

Ginseng contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Thus, they could minimise inflammation by accelerating the antioxidant capacity of a cell.

Enhances the functions of the brain

Ginseng contains compounds such as ginsenosides and compound K. These compounds shield the brain from the damage initiated by the free radicals. These capsules tend to enhance several brain functions like mood, memory and behaviour.

Acts as an immunity booster

Ginseng capsules have shown evident proof for boosting the immunity system. Researches show that people with an appropriate intake of ginseng have 35% increased chances of spending disease-free life for five years post a curative surgery and 38% increased rate of survival.

Cascades certain benefits against cancer

Ginsengs possess a compound named ginsenosides. This helps in avoiding abnormal production and growth of the cell. Thus, people with appropriate ginseng intake have a 16% lower risk of getting infected with cancer.

Energizes body

Studies show that consumption of ginseng capsules reduces physical and mental fatigue. They even accelerates the physical activity of the body. So, it minimises the oxidative damage along with enhancing the production of energy within the cell.

Defeats tiredness

Red ginseng might help in decreasing oxidative stress as it enhances the activities of the antioxidant enzyme.

Minimises blood sugar

Ginseng capsules reduce the blood sugar level in both, people having diabetes as well as in people not having diabetes. They dispel the free radicals within the cells of people with diabetes by bestowing antioxidant protection. All types of ginseng exhibit a positive effect on blood sugar level. However, red fermented ginseng demonstrates some extraordinary effects.

Improve Erectile Dysfunction

Ginseng capsules improve Erectile Dysfunction in men. heir compounds tend to reduce oxidative stress in the penis tissue and blood vessels. Thus restoring the functioning. They also accelerate the production of certain compounds. These compounds include nitric oxide. So, it is responsible for improving the penis muscle relaxation and circulation of blood.


Though ginseng capsules are safe for consumption yet they can sometimes bring out certain side effects. However, researchers suggest that these capsules are safe for consumption and should not give rise to any serious adverse effects. Yet they may arise some side effects. Close monitoring is considered for this

Adverse effect by interaction with certain medicines:

Ginseng interferes with the effectiveness of certain medicines such as blood thinner warfarin, phenelzine, imatinib, lamotrigine, anticoagulant drugs. Sometimes it may also give birth to certain adverse effect if used along with these medicines.
They may sometimes decrease the blood sugar level below the neutral point.
The long term use of ginseng capsules may decrease the overall effectiveness of the body.


Ginseng capsules are one of the safest capsules. Even if their consumption is accelerated they don’t always lead to adverse effects. The symptoms of ginseng capsule overdose is divided into two stages. The first bunch of effects is classified as mild overdose effects. These effects arise due to clement overdose of the ginseng capsule. The second cluster of effects arises due to the profound overdose of these capsules and is called intense overdose effects.
Mild overdose effects include dryness of lips and mouth, exhilaration, irritation, fidgeting habit, insomnia, accelerated blood pressure, diminished appetite, tremor, problems related to vision, palpitation, accelerated temperature of body, oedema, eczema, bleeding, dizziness, fatigue, itching and diarrhoea.

Intense overdose effects include: bowel and urinary incontinence, proliferated blood pressure, enhanced respiration, vomiting, irritation, nausea, restlessness, cyanotic complexion of face, delirium, diminished sensitivity and reaction to light, convulsion and fever.


Ginseng capsules are very effective and provide a wide range of advantages to our body. They are generally safe and magical in their approach. However, sometimes certain side effects might be observed. So, the conditions of the body must be monitored properly for any adverse effects.

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