Being in quarantine might be boring for all. Yet this is the perfect time to mould your skins for a healthy glow. Although there are many home remedies, most of them cannot be trusted. Do you know the things to do and not to do during this quarantine for better skin?

A healthy skin is a glowing skin. Maintaining a healthy skin is as important as acquiring it. As a matter of fact it needs some efforts and elements to work it out. And people under any age can get benefited by them. In the first place, stop obsessing over multiple face washes, creams, soaps and products. Don’t stress yourself so much.


Cleansing helps
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Exfoliation sheds the layer and clear out the dirt, oil and clogged pores. As a matter of fact it is important for everyone at this level of pollution to contribute cleanliness for their skins. Above all it gives you a spotless glowing skin. Scrubbing improves skin’s health with time and ensures healthy glow too. Just pick a scrub for your skin type and exfoliate according to your skin’s requirement. Even though, it’s better to do it 3 to 4 times a week. Doing it regularly can strip the skin of its essential oils. Furthermore it may lead tiny cracks or inflammation.

Healthy diet:

healthy diet for glowing skin
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Apart from healthy functioning of major organs(like heart, liver etc.), skin is also benefited by food. The food we eat can change a lot of things. Instead foods containing vitamin C and vitamin E plays major role in skin health. Vitamin C can stimulate production of collagen. This collagen is a connective tissue that keeps your skin looking firm. This vitamin provide even tone and also plays role in inhibiting melanin production. Vitamin E is used to improve cell function and skin health. As a matter of fact it works as an anti-aging element. Foods like sweet potato, tomato, fatty fish, avocados and so on can contribute for glowing skin.

Face packs:

'DIY face packs at home'
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Face packs are used to moisturise, cleanse, tone and glow your skin. They vary for each skin and age type. It also pampers your skin and helps you relax. Many face packs are available in market for skin glow. But when it comes to skin care, it’s better to go back to nature first. Especially in this quarantine everyone can use household items to make face packs suitable for them. The major ingredients used for face packs include lemon, turmeric, honey, aloevera and yogurt. When it’s for oily skin, besan and yogurt face pack is best. Similarly yogurt and gram flour is best for dry skin. Although natural items can cause irritation in cases of some people. So it’s better to take a sample test on your skin before use.

Drink water often:

healthy glow through water
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According to a survey, “ Water maintains our optimal nature of blood circulation. When this circulation is optimal, the results can be seen on our skin with healthy glow. Furthermore by taking right amount of water, you don’t need any foundation or any blush to make your cheeks glow pink or any gloss to make your lips look rosy”. As water maintains the body optimal body temperature it also moist the skin. Consuming an adequate amount of water everyday gives you soft, fresh and glowing skin. As water flushes out toxins from the body including skin, it indeed improve your skin in a better way. It hydrates and restores the skin tissues leading to its elasticity. Consuming 2 litres a day is sufficient , giving good results.


Yoga for healthy rejuvenation
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There is no doubt yoga makes your mind active and open. In addition to that it also enables you to get a good toned skin. There are several yoga poses to get healthy and glowing skin. As everyone got stuck at home due to this covid 19 outbreak, try some simple yoga poses during your free time. Yoga poses like breathing exercise (pranayama), corpse pose, surya namaskar, twisted seated pose, dhanurasana, child pose are easy to do and contribute for a glowing skin. Mainly for beginners it’s better to do these simple ones first. You will find better results for sure.

To conclude with:

By following these five tips you can restore your skin and it will have great impact on your health too. The best foundation one can wear is glowing healthy. Remember, just be sufficient about everything. Anything exceeded is poisonous. Follow these tips according to their limits and get ready to see good results.






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