The Dukan diet: why? And why not?

The Dukan diet: why? And why not?

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So, isn’t having that perfect figure one of our deep cravings? Or don’t you want to shed calories without having to keep a count on them? Well if all these questions cascade your mind as well, then you are at the right place. Dukan diet has become the key to all these locked doors. Before proceeding in the depths of its grave we must be aware of the cause and origin of its existence. This diet plan holds similarities with the ancient Atkins diet. Pierre Dukan finalized this diet plan while treating an obese patient in 1975. It holds properties of ceasing regain of lost weight. Its base lies on a high protein and low-carbohydrate quantities. It consists of four different phases. Each phase has its speciality and its set of rules.

How does the Dukan diet works?

This diet plan concentrates on decreasing the concentration of carbohydrates in our body. Our body tends to break down the portions of carbohydrates first if it has both fat and carbohydrate. This is because breaking carbohydrates produces energy. So, if we decrease the portions of carbohydrate in a body then it will be forced to burn down fat. This helps in losing weight. However, the duration of this diet depends upon a person’s current weight and desired weight.

What are the four different stages of this diet?

The Dukan diet consists of four different stages. Consolidation, as well as stabilization, is also a part of these stages. Without wasting any time let’s move onto the discussion the four phases of this diet plan.


This is the initial stage of this diet. Its duration ranges between 5-10 days. In this phase, the person is not allowed to consume even a single source of carbohydrates. Only high-protein and low-fat food are allowed. The person is allowed to pick from a list of 72 food sources. This believes the theory that digesting protein requires more calories than digesting carbohydrates does. Also, proteins involve a lesser quantity of fats. A person must drink a minimum of 1.5 L of water in this phase. 20 minutes of exercise is also considered mandatory paired up with the intake of 1.5 tbsp of oat bran.

Cruise phase

This is followed by the attack phase. A person stays in this phase until they achieve the desired weight. It involves 3 days for 1 pound(0.45kg). This phase allows the intake of some carbohydrates. Some vegetables are also scheduled for each day in this phase from the list of 32 vegetables. However, mostly high protein and low-fat food are encouraged. A person must exercise for 30-60 minutes in this phase and consume 2 tbsp of oat bran.

Consolidation phase

This is the third phase of the Dukan diet. This phase aims to boycott the regain of weight. In this phase, dieters are allowed to eat several things that they were not allowed before. They are even allowed to have their favourite meal twice a week. It suggests 25 minutes of exercise every day.

Stabilisation phase

This is the last phase of the Dukan diet. Dieters entering this stage have acquired the desired weight. This is a long-term phase. In this, they move to their regular eating habits. However, they have to follow the rules of the attack phase for one day in a week. The restrictions also include consuming 3tbsp of oat bran each day. They even have to walk for 20, minutes every day and drink at least 1.5 L of water. A person should not aim towards losing or gaining weight in this stage of the Dukan diet.


Before following any diet plan it is very important to analyze its advantages and match it with our needs.

  • This diet is very effective.
  • The initial weight loss is very motivating.
  • It helps in planning a better, and a more organized diet plan.
  • Alcohol, processed food and, refined sugar are avoided. These food sources are not considered very healthy for the body.
  • Calories do not need to be counted.


  • The rules are not flexible, so its long-term application is difficult.
  • The food sources required are expensive. So, many people might find it unaffordable.
  • The initial weight loss is temporary. As it only involves losing water.
  • As it cuts down the portion of several nutrients, the Dukan diet might lead to some nutrient deficiency.
  • It might lead to kidney, liver, cardiovascular and osteoporosis disease.


The Dukan diet is a low carb and high protein diet. Though it has several positive effects it cuts down the sources of some essential sources. Sometimes it has shown evidence of certain health complications. Some even say that the positive result is an outcome of the exercise and defined diet. However, it can be followed by consulting a dietitian.

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