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So who doesn’t wishes for a flawless skin? The type of skin that would make everyone go awestruck. Pimple marks, and blemishes not only obstruct our face but it also conceals a part of our personality. It annihilates our confidence, and esteem, making it drop to point zero. Before starting a war, we must scrutinize our enemies. Similarly, before having to deal with it, we must be aware of its origin, and cause.

What are blemishes?

Any type of discolouration, marks or spots is called blemishes. They not only negatively impact the appearance of a person but, also threaten their emotional vitality. There are different types of blemishes, each having a different cause, and treatment. Out of all its captives, teenagers are the most vulnerable ones. At the age where self caution is at its peak, blemishes can be mentally devastating. If these are one of your worries then you are in the right place. Before, moving on to their remedies it is important to be aware of their different types.

What are the different types of blemishes?

Blemishes can be of several types, depending on their cause.


This is the most common cause of blemishes, especially among teenagers. Acne occurs when sebum, dirt, or bacteria blocks the hair follicles. It also occurs due to hormonal changes. It has been noticed that stress intensifies these conditions. Many times acne leaves dark spots and blemishes.


Collection of tissues has got the name of nodules. Their formation can take place in any area or level of the skin. The colour of nodules ranges between red to flesh-toned.


Pus or liquid-filled bumps come into the category of pustules. Chickenpox or whiteheads are an example of this. They often lead to blemishes.


There are certain marks that occur at the time of birth, or after it. These marks are called birthmarks.

Liver spots:

These are also called age spots. They are observed more in people above the age of 50. The liver spot is a type of hyperpigmentation that occurs due to sunlight exposure.

Skin cancer:

There are different types of blemishes for different types of skin cancer. Thus, any unusual blemish required medical check-up.


Damaged dermis layer forms a scar. In other words, when a wound or a cut takes place the dermis layer gets damaged. This leads to the formation of a scar.


These consist of brown patches that occur at the time of pregnancy. They can be initiated by sun exposure, or hormonal changes.

Ingrown hair:

These occur while performing different hair removal techniques. Sometimes while waxing, or shaving some hair grows backwards. This leads to a cyst consisting of the trapped hair and some puss. It may lead to a red, white or yellow formation. Ingrown hair cysts are generally painful, and leave a mark afterwards.


Bumps with certain substances inside them form cysts. These vary in size, and colour. They are usually round.


Hyperpigmentation occurs due to uneven skin. When there is excessive production of melanin due to some external factor, dark patches show up. This uneven skin colour is called hyperpigmentation.


These consist of blisters and are generally found near the mouth.

What causes blemishes?

There are several types of infections and diseases that can be a cause of blemishes. These include overgrowth of yeast, fungal acne, cancer, etc.

Sun exposure:
Sun emits certain rays that are harmful to the skin. These rays include the ultraviolet rays. They are a cause of skin cancer, acne, hyperpigmentation, etc.

Viruses and bacteria:
Many viruses, and bacteria cause a wide range of skin infection. Many a time these infections lead to blemishes.

Several hereditary diseases lead to the formation of scars, and blemishes. These diseases include Fabry disease, darier disease, adult type 3 GM1 gangliosidosis.

Clogged pores:
Excess oil leads to pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads that leave nasty marks. Hormonal changes lead to the excess production of oil. This oil reacts with dirt, and viruses to cause infection, and acne.

Side effects:
Several medications are cursed with certain side effects. Sometimes these side effects consist of certain marks or blemishes.

Diet plays an important role in staying healthy. Some food containing excess oil, and spices may trigger the production of oil. This, on the other hand, initiates the formation of acne, and pimples.

How to get rid of these naturally?

Lemon juice
Turmeric mask
Yoghurt mask
Potato juice
Oatmeal mask
Baking soda
Cocoa butter
Aloe vera



Blemishes consist of the undesired marks on the skin. They are of different types, depending on their source. Virus, diet, sun exposure, medication, genetic diet all lead to a skin infection. This infection in return brings home marks, and blemishes. However, there are several home remedies whose application helps us fight this unwanted enemy.

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