Defending Jacob ( Summary of Episode 1 to episode 4)

Defending Jacob ( Summary of Episode 1 to episode 4)

Defending Jacob

 American crime drama web television series ‘Defending Jacob’ has been one of the most viewed entertainment play. Premiering on April 24th, 2020 the series touched the top branches on Apple TV+. The starring characters are Chris Evans whom we all recognize as Captain America, Michelle Dockery, Jaeden Martell, Cherry Jones, Pablo Schreiber, Betty Gabriel, and Sakina Jaffrey. The series consists of four episodes each of which sow their own seeds. 

Episode 1:

The assistant district attorney general of Newton, Massachusetts, Andy Barber lived a suburban life with wife and 14-year old son Jacob. They asked to prosecute the murder case of Ben Rifkin. Ben came out to be Jacob’s classmate. Someone had stabbed Ben to death in a park near their school. On questioning Jacob about Ben, he seemed frustrated over the exaggeration of the false sympathy from everyone. Leonard Patz, a convicted sexual predator, came among the list of possible suspects. However, the authority had forbidden him to bring Leonard in without any solid evidence. Later that night Andy goes through an online message where one of Jacob’s friends had censured him of the murder. Pouring oil to the flame, Andy discovered a knife in Jabo’s room. This turned out to be the murder’s weapon indeed. 

Episode 2:

When Andy and Laurie interrogated Jacob about the kife and the message, Jacob revoked and refused all the blames and addressed that he did not use the knife and that message was not true. They also brought Leonard Patz for questioning but nothing implied any questions raised against him as a murderer. Meanwhile, Andy’s removal from the case took place. The confirmation of Jacob’s fingerprints with the ones found on Ben’s body shocked everyone. Jacob when questioned again, said that he found Ben dead in the morning but did not tell anyone with the fear of being blamed.

Episode 3:

Joanna Klein, Jacob’s lawyer managed to set him free and managed to let him go home on bail. Andy recalls his childhood where his father abandoned his family to get away, being a convicted murderer. Laurie, in turn, blames Andy for the violence performed by Jacob as his genetic complication.

Episode 4:

Andy, Laurie, and Jacob worked out their defense strategy with Joanna. Andy visited and questioned Jacob’s friend Matt who seemed to hide something. They asked Jacob to stay away from social media but he created another account on Instagram despite being forbidden. Later Dr.Vogel conducts multiple tests to closely study the psychopathic genetic tendencies of Jacob and Andy along with Andy’s father.

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