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As parents, this is one of those issues that never fail to bother us. We always want the best for them, and for this, we make several fugitive attempts. For this we need to contemplate upon the tender age teens are in and the tendencies of their age group. No problem can be solved without, getting to the roots of its cause. Here we will be discussing the top reasons that instigate teenagers to have sex.

Teenage falls into the category of most delicate ages of a person’s life. stream of several feelings and emotions cascade their lives. It is very important to understand their cryptic ways.


There are variant reasons that promote sexual activity in teens. These reasons are:


According, to reports Physical pleasure comes under the prime reason due to which teenagers have sex. This reason neither stands among the good ones nor among the bad ones. Surveys show that around 1000 of teenagers aged between 13-16 who have had sex consider physical pleasure to be the prime reason for having sex. It becomes very important to make them understand the difference between right and wrong. There several means of physical pleasure. Having sex just for physical pleasure can never lead to the right results. It involves a person mentally as well as emotionally.

Teenagers have sex to satisfy their partners:

Everyone wants their partner to be happy. This comprises the main reasons why most of the young people get involved in sexual activity. It has been observed that 38% of teenagers get indulged in these activities due to this reason. However, it becomes very important to make them understand that something that doesn’t come from them can never be right.

To imbue the feeling of maturity:

At the age between being naïve and being mature, teenagers often find themselves lost between the bridges. We remind them to be too small for certain things and for some we tag them to be too grown-up. Stuck between the two, the desire to be something overpowers them. They choose maturity and look for means that could satisfy their need. Most of them often stop at the station of sex, as they consider it as something that adults do. They must know that the very first trait of maturity involves appropriate decision-making. An adult never opts for something that involves risk.


Intimacy involves he feeling to be close to someone. Many times, in relationships involving a mutual feeling of love, people desire for intimacy. They believe that intimacy can bring them more close and make their bond unbreakable. This desire often leads to the involvement of indulgence in sexual activity. Intimacy comes amongst one of the healthy reasons for having sex.

Teenagers have sex to gain popularity:

18% of the teens reported popularity to be the reason to have sex. Very often kids of this age develop a notion according to which they categorize some things as cool while something as nerdy or not cool. To be in the good books of these so-called cool kids many teenagers find themselves forced to have sex. It is very important to understand that things like these can never be strong enough to justify such actions.

To retain their partners:

Many teens that get indulged in these activities do so because they get scared that they might lose their partners otherwise. They must be aware of the true meaning of love and self-care. A person who puts a clause for a relationship can never be true in it.

Their previous sexual experience:

It is a human tendency to continue something that we have started. Teenagers might opt for sex several times just because they have done it before. They must aware of its repercussions.


Most of the time sex is an aftermath of curiosity. For them is concept is entirely new and unknown. They feel a drive within themselves to explore it.

To feel loved:

Teenagers who have been bullied due to their appearance become desperate for acceptance and love. Sex makes them feel both of these things. They feel that they are special to someone. Lessons on self love and self acceptance is mandatory.



Like everything else, there lies a reason behind this behaviour of teens as well. This reason might be different for different kids. It is very important to understand the psychological behaviour of teens. Only by getting a clue of reasons for their behaviour it can be dealt with. To avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted disease (STD’S), it becomes mandatory to educate them on such topics. There lie several contents on the internet that can mislead them. Hence, it becomes very important to guide them accordingly.

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