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As sex has become one of the most commonly used words in today’s world, the reason for a parent’s worry has intensified. Teenagers falls into the cluster of those delicate ages that demands the most attention. It is the age of vulnerability. Young people of this age are uncertain and confused about a lot of things, sex being one of them. Being unaware of its repercussions such as unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, many teens get involved sexually.

Teenagers can be characterized into two broad groups. One fragment consists of the teenagers who get indulged in sexual activities, while the other consists of people who don’t get indulged in sexual activity. Both of these groups have their logic and reasons. Here we’ll discuss the reasons due to which teenagers don’t get indulged in sexual activity. Let’s take a glance on the propensities that inhibit teens from sexual activities.

The feeling of being young:

According, to a survey 89% of teenagers confronted that they had been denying the decision of sex due to the feeling of being too young. With so much of changes going inside and outside them, they find themselves in a baffled state. The adolescent is an age where teenagers go through several changes physically as well as mentally. Most of them get the feeling that they are too young for a step so big. They find themselves unfit to face the aftermath thus, consider restraining themselves from such activities.


Sex holds two great repercussions for people of this age. Pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases under this. Most of the teenagers are scared of these aftermaths. Using preventive methods or nor using one, both of these involves some per cent of risk factor. While at this tender age they find themselves unfit to deal with such things.

Disapproval of their parents:

Teenage is an age where people look for approval all around. They want to be accepted by their loved ones. Many teenagers reported the disapproval by their loved ones such as their parents, mentors and friends to be the reason for not having sex.

Moral beliefs:

Different people coming from different backgrounds, hold different moral and religious values. Some teenagers hold open views on sex while for some it is a taboo. This difference in views generally develops due to the difference in the values their family holds. It has been observed that many teenagers abstain themselves from such activities because they believe that sex is something that should be preserved for marriage or for someone they love. Getting indulged in such activities before marriage might be morally damaging for them.

Not having met the right person

Any type of sexual activity is special, especially for teenagers. This special experience also requires a special partner. So, many teenagers stay away from sexual activities simply because they have not met the right person. They don’t want to share an experience so intimate and special with anyone they don’t consider worth it.

Scared to hurting themselves:

Sex being an intimate activity, involves two people emotionally more than physically. It builds an emotional bridge between two people pulling them closer. The significant pain involved if the relationship ends becomes the reason for not having sex many times. Also, sometimes the other person is not as involved or invested in the relationship. Even this can be equally painful. So teenagers choose to shield themselves from such hurtful experiences.


We all ought to have an impeccable public image. It’s a natural human tendency to strive for an image that everyone thinks highly of. This tendency gets intensified at this age. Thus, a degraded or altered image is one of the reasons why teenagers don’t have sex.

Having insufficient knowledge about it:

Most of the young people at this age don’t have ample knowledge about this topic. This makes them unsure about their indulgence in it.



With the changes in lifestyle, teenagers are open to several types of information that can mislead them. However, with proper education and brought up they can be shielded from any harm. Parents should invest in building a strong relationship with their children. The relation between a parent and child should be such that any type of discussion could be initiated. This would safeguard them against any risk-oriented means. Teenagers must communicate with themselves about their readiness. If they are not ready, they are simply not. No reason could make them feel otherwise.


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