They say this world is a cruel place, if you don’t hold yourself they’ll make you walk on the callous bridge. Self-esteem defines itself as the confidence that we have in our worth, or abilities. The absence of this can make various tasks like speaking in public, facing an interview or even initiating a conversation a chronic chore.

It gives path to satisfaction, happiness, self-love, promotions, etc. Thus, it is as consequential to have the correct esteem as to have a heart to pump blood. Everyone will put you down, will try to diminish the shattered pieces left of you. Self-esteem frames the soul to our personality, and an enchanting personality becomes the key to every door we want to unlock.

Why is self-esteem important?

Self-esteem is something that is as important as petals are to beauty. Without self-esteem one cannot attain self-satisfaction, confidence, respect which ultimately leads to implicit ecstasy. Thus, it is very important to have the right amount of esteem so that the cherubs keep skating on our lives.

How to measure self-esteem?

Self assessment inventories have been developed to measure self-esteem.
One of the methods is Rosenberg self-esteem scale. In this a person has to indicate their level of agreement with a set of statements. The scale is from, 0 to 10. The score indicates the measure of self-esteem.

Another inventory is named Cooper-smith inventory. In this an Individual has to answer a set of 50 questions. The score measures the self-esteem of a person.

Let’s now discuss several ways to restore one’s self-esteem.

1) Think highly of your self-

It becomes mandatory to not under estimate one self. Under estimating or demoralizing one’s skills can also lead to low self-esteem. We must always remember that this enchanted world lies on the basic rule of balancing between dark and light. Everyone and everything has both negative and positive traits. Instead of abhorring oneself for the negative traits that we possess we must try to accept them. Sit still and focus on yourself, your merits, demerits, traits, nature and get comfortable with them all. Focus on the good things that you have and be contented with you. Don’t ever let anyone not even yourself, put you down.

2) Choose yourself first-

Before putting anyone else first, put you first. Choose yourself over everyone else. Putting yourself first will only come up when you start loving yourself. Try to love yourself for all your flaws only then your self-esteem will get its base.

3) Prioritize yourself-

Your wants, your likes, your dislikes will only be important to others when they’ll be important to yourself. You must know what you want, and what you need.

4) Satisfy the insatiable self-

Self-esteem starts to fall deep when it sees that personal goals are left unaccomplished. Think about the things that you want and the things that would give you confidence. Work day and night to fulfill those goals. We often focus on what others want from us instead of sparkling light on what we want for ourselves.

5) Elimination of negativity-

Negativity like poison swallows the life in its own cruel pace. In this world, we discover several faces some masked some unmasked, some try to pull you down while some try to help. One must identify between the two and eliminate the latter. Negativity cascades our lives only when we let it do so. One must stop pondering over impulsive thoughts or else they overshadow you. Thoughts like “I can’t do it”, I am useless should not be kept even in the deepest pit within. Always murmur a chant you are the best and there’s nothing that you can’t do.

6) Furnish your best-

Being best at something raises your self-esteem. Most of the time people see what others are good at and get depressed because they can’t do that thing their way. One must embrace their abilities and capabilities. We must honor our individual talent and work on the chore to polish it. This will lead us to achievement which will unlock the door to self-satisfaction, and ultimately lead us to a raised self-esteem.

7) Don’t compare, you are precious!

Only if we focused on the beauty each one has, only if we focused on the divine soul that lives within us, life would have been different. We are in this agonizing habit of comparing everything, from our phones to ourselves. We assume ourselves to be in a race where we try to copy the pace of the other instead of following the one which our heart cherishes. If we fail in this race, the result leads to low self-esteem. What we forget is that if the tortoise would not have won the race, it would not have its own individual trait of hard work that rabbit lacked. We must stop looking up on others, and start looking into ourselves. Comparison leads to a damaged self-esteem which becomes difficult to mend. Have trust in yourself and do your thing your way.

8) Embrace your exquisite uniqueness-

No two creatures in this world are similar. Everyone is different and beautiful in their own way. The way we look, the way we talk, the way we are. One can only try to be the best version of themselves and not of others. If you don’t like a thing about yourself work on it and improve, envying others will only accelerate problems. When we start accepting our features and give importance to them our self-esteem will be raised high.

9) Strive to be happy-

Happiness is not a state but an effort or an attitude. The feeling of happiness will restore satisfaction which will raise the level of esteem inculcated within.



In this arena filled of light and darkness we all want light. Self-esteem not only holds our confidence but also opens several opportunities. A person suffering from low-esteem most of the times falls into the pit of depression and goes through several mental waves even while swimming through the shallow parts of life. As self-esteem is a precious stone it must be preserved and embraced.

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