35th Week of Pregnancy: Baby is the size of Honeydew Melon!!

35th Week of Pregnancy: Baby is the size of Honeydew Melon!!

After 35th week of Pregnancy, it is just 5 weeks to go when you will have your baby in your cuddles. For entering in this beautiful colourful world, your baby is also progressing faster for body development. It is the final stretch of your pregnancy. You must be so excited to see your baby as a person. Be patient! now the big day is just to come.

35th week pregnant woman
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How big is the baby after 35th week of Pregnancy?

At the mark of this week, your baby has reachedthe size of a Honeydew Melon or thereabouts. He/She weighs about 2.4Kg and measures about 18.2 inches from head to heel. Baby has reached almost at the birth length and from here onwards he/she will not get much longer but the body weight will continue to be put on.


The following are the changes that occur in baby in 35th week of Pregnancy

  1. Baby’s arms and legs are growing chubbier
  2. Skin is becoming pink and smooth
  3. Vernix that is white, waxy coating protecting the skin of your baby is getting more thick
  4. Lanugo, the downy hair that covers his/her body has almost disappeared
  5. Lungs are continuously developing and this time they are producing Surfactant. Surfactant is a substance that helps the baby to breathe in and out properly when he/she is outside the uterus.
  6. Brain and Nervous system are continuously developing. Baby’s brain weight is about 2/3rd of the weight at 39th or 40th week that is when the baby is considered full term
  7. Circulatory system and Musculoskeletal system have developed fully upto this time
  8. Baby may be shifting lower head down position in the birth canal
  9. Your baby can now listen to the outer voices that is the hearing ability has developed. Indeed he/she can distinguish between you and your partner’s voice
  10. Kidney and Liver of baby is getting functional at this time


Symptoms you might experience during 35th week of Pregnancy

  1. Frequent urge for urination as pressure has increased on Urinary bladder
  2. Constipation
  3. Increased pressure on Pelvis and hips
  4. Braxton Hicks contractions
  5. Shortness of breath
  6. Trouble sleeping
  7. Heartburn
  8. Hemorrhoids
  9. Low back pain with Sciatica
  10. Watery, Milky leakage(Colostrum) from your breast
  11. Sharp pain in the Vagina


Body changes observed during this week

  • Enlarged belly, at this time your belly button to the top of the uterus measures about 6 inches
  • Enlarged breast due to Pregnancy hormones
  • Cervix may begin to dilate
  • Stretch marks
  • Swelling in feet and ankles
  • Fast growing hairs and nails


The need of Nesting is common in the latter weeks of Pregnancy. Nesting is experienced by some women but not by all women. It is the strong urge to clean and prepare the home for the baby’s arrival. If you are also experiencing the same impulse then do some easy tasks only. Let someone else do the lifting and other heavy works.

Things to do-

Sleep on your side
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During this busy time of preparation, you should also focus on some things which are mandatory to be done.

1. Go for the test of group B Streptococcus(GBS)-

You should once test whether the group B Streptococcus  bacterium is residing in your Vagina. If you are going for the regular check ups to the doctor then your physician will check that himself only. It is done between 35th to 37th week of your pregnancy. GBS is usually harmless to adults but can cause illness in small babies, if they got infected with that during the time of delivery. If you test positive for GBS, your healthcare provider will give you the antibiotics during the labor to decrease the chances of infection to the baby at the time of delivery.

2. Plan ahead

After few weeks only you will have your little champ in your cuddles. So it’s a good time to plan for your baby’s arrival. Purchase sufficient Nappies for the baby and have a stock of meals in your freezer for early days when cooking will be a difficult task for you. You should also buy sanitary napkins if you are planning for the Vaginal delivery. You may also start to think for the name of your baby.

3. Yoga

Practicingyogawill be useful for your muscles at this time. Also slow, rhythmic and deep breathing practice can help you out in labor.

4. Sleep on your side if you are not doing it yet

Sleeping on your side rather than on your back may decrease the chances of stillbirth of the baby.

5. Have Balanced diet

Proper Nutrition with all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals is necessary for you and your baby’s healthy life. At this time do keep your body hydrated, this will also help you out in labor and edema problems.

The Bottom Line

At the 35th week of Pregnancy your baby is about the size of a Honeydew Melon. He/She is progressing fastly to accommodate in this outer colourful world. You may plan ahead and should once test for GBS bacterium. At this time, have proper nutrition and keep yourself hydrated.


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