Non-Veg Diet Plan/Chart for Weight Loss

Non-Veg Diet Plan/Chart for Weight Loss

Weight Loss is undoubtedly a trend that everyone wants to be a part of, be it getting all dressed up for a party, look fit in clothes that your girlfriend bought you, going to impress the girl’s family before marriage, fitting in a zero size costume, looking shredded or walking topless in a beach (for men off course!).  In all these processes, along with regular strength or metabolic exercises (whichever you prefer), diet comes in as a huge supporter in making you reach your success goals. Today we will throw some light on Non-Veg Diet for weight loss!

Many studies also show that more than the exercises that you perform it is the diet that makes the final call and it is true, many dieticians, influences, gym freaks or body trainers suggest the first thing is our diet, if the fuel you provide to a car is of good quality, the car will perform without interruptions, this is what must happen with your body.

So, we present the diet plan for losing weight, but wait there’s an addition to it, it’s for Non-vegetarians (For Vegetarian Diet Plan See this!). Many people have a myth that Non-veg items are only for bodybuilding and mass gaining; so, we will show you how with the right technique and usage you can lose pounds eating your favorite tandoori chicken or barbeque.

Non-Veg Diet

3 Things to Keep in Mind for Non-Veg diet:

1. Don’t over-stuff yourself

The one issue with non-veg food is that it tends to fill you up quickly. So, while your veg friend might go in for the second helping, if you’re feeling full after just your first, don’t go back for a second just to show them you can eat too! Remember, non-veg food has a lot more calories and carbs as compared to veg food. Even if your portions are small, do not feel bad that you have under-eaten. If possible, whenever you are out, try not to eat alone as you might end up over-eating in trying to finish the food all by yourself. Therefore, always remember, do not stuff yourself – always fill your stomach only to 80 percent of its capacity.

2. Eat slowly

While eating non-veg, if you eat too fast, you might not realise just how full you are as the food is still not into your stomach. By the time you get up from the table, you realise you’ve over-eaten. Always remember to eat non-veg food slowly. Give time for each piece to be completely chewed and in your stomach. The more you hurry, the unhealthier it will be for you.

3. Binge Netflix not Food!

One thing with non-veg food is you cannot binge-eat as and when you want. Your body metabolism rate differs throughout the day and you need to eat keeping that rate in mind. Eating heavy non-veg food during dinner is a complete no-no. Also, having non-veg food as your late-night snack or over-eating at night can also cause your health and diet plans to go for a complete toss.

Finally, here’s a sample diet, you can follow:

– Start the day with a glass of warm water with some lemon juice squeezed in and some honey. This will not only hydrate your system but also aid bowel movement.
– For breakfast, have egg-based dishes. You can have an omelet (with little oil) or scrambled eggs or plain boiled eggs with some salt and pepper. Therefore, Avoid fried foods like egg fry or French toast. Have eggs with a slice of whole-wheat toast (choose only the 100 pc whole-wheat bread) and some milk.
– For lunch, you can have a meat vegetable or a side-dish of chicken. Make sure that meat is home-cooked where you can ascertain the cleaning and cooking practice. Also, don’t eat fried chicken and instead, have it grilled or roasted. Boiled is a good option too!
– For snacks, you can have some chicken snacks as long as you restrict yourself to a piece or two. Do not over-indulge.
– For dinner, sea-food is your best option. So, go for steamed or grilled fish and seafood. Seafood soups are a great way to end the day too!

Here’s a sample example with timing and full diet!

EARLY MORNINGJasmine Tea or Tulsi Decoction /Lemon Water (Luke warm without sugar/salt/honey)1 Glass
BREAKFASTBrown Bread Sandwich + 2 Egg Whites Butter Milk/ Skimmed Milk1 Slice 1 Glass
POST BREAKFAST/ PRE-LUNCHOrange or Seasonal Fruit+ Buttermilk / Roasted Chana Chat (1 fist)1 Quantity
LUNCHChapatti/Missi Roti/Any Stuffed Roti without oil except potato, Sweet Potato, Paneer Seasonal Veg (mostly gourd family or green vegetables) Chicken Curry / Fish Curd/Raita Mixed Salad2 Pieces 1 Cup 1 Bowl 1 Bowl 1 Plate
EVENING SNACKSChicken Soup (homemade) /Green tea + Marie Biscuit -2½ Cup or 2 Pieces
DINNERBoiled chicken / Roasted Chicken Mixed salad OR Oats (2tbsp) + Milk (200ml) + Apple (1) chopped Dalia + Milk OR Meal Replacer (proteins) + Apple250 gms 1 Quarter Plate
BED TIMEToned Milk1 Cup
Non-Veg Diet Chart

There you go!! So, you can eat what your favorite chicken dish is and have all the fun you want along with keeping the weight in check!


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