36th Week of Pregnancy: Baby is the size of Romaine Lettuce

36th Week of Pregnancy: Baby is the size of Romaine Lettuce

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After the 36th week of Pregnancy, it is just 4 weeks to go when you will have your baby in your cuddles. Now you have entered your last month of pregnancy that is the 9th month. At this time you may constantly feel tired or you may have to rush to your restroom in a short time. But try to enjoy this last month of pregnancy. This pregnancy time is unique in itself so you should try to cherish each and every moment. This positivity will also be good for your baby.

How big is the baby after the 36th week of Pregnancy?

At the mark of this week, your baby is the size of Romaine Lettuce or thereabouts. He/She weighs about 2.7 kg and measures about 18.7 inches from head to heel. You may feel like there is no more free space left in the womb. Even if your baby will continue to grow until the due date. The date only the baby knows and you may be going mad with uncertainty.


The following are the changes that occur in baby in 36th week of Pregnancy

  1. All the body systems have developed by this time.
  2. Baby’s arms and legs are growing chubbier.
  3. Skin is becoming pink and smooth.
  4. Lungs have developed and the baby is ready for taking the first breath in open air.
  5. Baby’s hearing is likely to take a leap in sensitivity this week.
  6. Brain and Nervous system are maturing very fastly.
  7. Lanugo, the downy hair that covers the baby’s body, continues to shed off.
  8. Baby may swallow the hair and skin which after digestion will become the first stool of the baby called Meconium, a black or dark green sticky substance. It will be passed out after birth.
  9. Baby may be shifting to lower head down position and being ready to squeeze out from the birth canal.
  10. He/She now has a fully rounded face as the face muscles have fully developed now.
  11. All the bones are hardening by this week but the skull still remains soft and flexible for the easy birth.


Symptoms you might experience during 36th week of Pregnancy

  • Increased pressure on Pelvis and hips
  • Frequent urination
  • Braxton hicks contractions can get stronger
  • You might find it hard to sleep.
  • Numbness in legs and feet due to increased pressure on some of the nerves.
  • Swelling in legs due to retention of extra fluid in the body.
  • Lower back pain


Body changes observed during this week

  • Your baby bump may have shifted downward due to Lightning that is shifting of baby to lower head down position.
  • Cervix might start to dilate.
  • Joints and Tissues in your body continue to soften and loosen.
  • Leaking of Colostrum through mammary glands.
  • Stretch marks
  • Enlarged breast
  • Enlarged belly

You may also experience a strong urge of Nesting that is to clean and prepare the home for the baby’s arrival. If you are also feeling an impulse of Nesting then do some easy tasks only. Let someone else do the lifting and heavy jobs.

Things to do

Source: Imagesbazaar.com

1. Have Vitamin C

During this Pregnancy time, it will be very beneficial for you to include an appropriate amount of Vitamin C in your diet. You should have at least 85 mgs of Vitamin C per day in your diet. It will help in strengthening your immune system, bones and muscle. Vitamin C can be taken as a dietary supplement or through natural food items. Naturally Vitamin C is found in Citrus Fruits, Strawberries, Broccoli and Tomatoes. One medium orange contains 70 mg of Vitamin C.

2. Perineal massage

It is very beneficial to massage your Perineum area. Perineum is the area between vagina and anus. Massage of this area reduces the chances of tearing and episiotomy(an incision to the Perineum) during delivery.

3. Sleep on your side if you are not doing it yet

In this third trimester, it is advised to sleep on your side rather than to sleep on your back. As sleeping on back may increase the risk of stillbirth.

4. Yoga and Exercise

Some easy and light workouts and yoga practices can make you comfortable at this time. You can also go for a walk and do some gentle stretching exercises to relieve yourself from lower back pain.

5. Have Holistic diet

It is mandatory to take a Holistic diet during pregnancy. Diet should include all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals. You can go for prenatal Vitamins to fulfill your vitamin and mineral needs.


The Bottom Line

At this 36th week of Pregnancy, your baby is of the size of a Romaine Lettuce. You are almost at the finish line. You may constantly feel tired but try to enjoy this last phase of your pregnancy. Do include plenty of Vitamin C in your diet. You can go for a walk and perform some stretchings that will help you out in your labor.

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