Before getting into the remedies and healing techniques, it’s better to know a bit about after pregnancy stretch marks. Well if you want to know about everything related to pregnancy stretch marks then you can read my full blog which covers every possible reason behind stretch marks. But if you are here to know about healing from after pregnancy stretch marks or from any stretch marks. You are at the right place. 

Treating pregnancy stretch marks can cost you so much sometimes.

It demands patience, calmness, time, and sometimes money. So gotta be very careful with beauty products and with dermatologists also. 

Generally speaking, it’s about making a big deal of your beautiful skin. If you are in an industry where marks on your skin is a big deal. Then it’s a big reason to worry about you. But for mothers who live a happy and fun life, don’t have a big reason to worry about it. Of course, marks on your body are not acceptable. But these stretch marks are no normal marks. These are a symbol of your strength. No one is stronger than a mother. 

Pregnancy demands patience. You just have to be patient with every process. And no one knows this better than a new mother. You waited for 9 months to experience this joy. Stretch marks are a symbol of your ultimate strength. 

Where do stretch marks show?

These are the most common body areas where stretch marks can show up after pregnancy.

  1. Belly (Abdomen): The most common and obvious.
  2. Brests: Generally after delivering, but in most cases during pregnancy.
  3. Thighs
  4. Hips
  5. Calfs
  6. Armpits: Area around the armpit.
  7. Back
  8. Thighs

Awareness to watch for stretch marks healing:

There are steps you can go to minimize stretch marks. However, absolute prevention is technically not possible for every mother.

For some mothers, it’s a question of genetics. If you got this genetically or you have a family history of stretch marks in a different phase of life, then this journey is going to be very hard for you.

Points you should keep in check during your pregnancy:


Sudden gain or loss in weight is the main reason for stretch marks appear in teenagers and also in pregnancy. 


Nutrition can save you from any marks on your body, not just stretch marks. 


Hydrating your body in every situation can save you from major to minor health problems. Hydrating also helps to heal your skin super fast.


Choosing natural, Ayurveda over expensive chemical beauty products can change your life.

And also your stretch marks.

Contact your doctor or your dermatologists before going for any product. Some can show drastic effects. So it’s better to go for preventions. 


One of the very famous and costly treatment includes laser treatment. No doubt it’s highly expensive but it’s also effective. The cost is directly proportional to the results. the more expensive treatment, the more it’s going to cost you. However, the laser should be your last option. You should go for this when you are done with any future pregnancies. 

Laser treatment for stretch marks

If you go for laser operation it’s going to cost you around 30,000-50,000 Indian rupees($400-$500). So it’s kind of better if you get your laser operation done when you’re not going to have a baby in the future. 

Laser treatment should opt when you have very hard stretch marks. Or in a better way when your doctor recommends you for it.


Some products referred by dermatologists are very effective. they show results in the given period. Stretch marks are not something that just comes and goes. They can remain with you for a longer period than expected. So applying creams and hydrating lotions from the starting week of pregnancy can help in the lighting of the marks after delivery. 

Lotions that contain Vitamin C, hydrating serum, Onion extract, lemon juice, Retinol creams.

You must consult your doctor before going for any of these. 

Using some unnatural and chemical lotion can irritate your skin. If you use chemical products on your skin for a longer time than it going to show some harmful effects. 


You can go for biological oils massage. Oil massage is very important after delivery for both mother and the child. Ayurvedic oils are rich with nutrients and nourishing ingredients. 

ayurvedic oil massage
Ayurvedic oil massage for stretch marks healing.

Amla juice

Amla juice helps in cleansing blood impurities and rejuvenates the skin texture. Ayurvedic creams and packs are so effective that it not only helps in regenerating the clearer skin but also helps in soothing the irritation and itchiness in the affected areas.

Amla juice
Amla juice for stretch marks healing.

So these were the healing techniques you can follow up for treating the stretch marks. Make sure you always see the ingredients used in the products. If you are using an unknown brand that is actually guaranteed you to treat your stretch marks within this particular time, then do concern your doctor before using in your affected area. It can get you in trouble.

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