Do’s and don’ts for vaginal delivery.

Do’s and don’ts for vaginal delivery.

You’ve heard of natural delivery and its pros over any other method. Most women desire to deliver their first baby through vaginal delivery or we say it as natural delivery. But there is so much you need to know before going for it. Natural birth is indeed best for both mothers and the child.

Awareness is necessary for vaginal delivery.

Not every mother can experience this. There are always some chances for complications while delivery. Doctors and nurses take care of every possibility. But it gives you more relief during this phase when you are aware of the pros and cons of vaginal delivery over c-section delivery

Here are some dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind before going for vaginal delivery.


Do discuss with your knowns.

If you are going to deliver for the first time then start researching everything that comes in your mind with doubt. You should keep every doubt clear from your end first. Talk to your neighbors who have experienced natural delivery. That way you gain confidence and now you have a real-life example. You can watch their physical activities and can relate to them as well. 

Labor while delivery is an inevitable truth. And every mother has to deal with it irrespective of the method of birth. 

Do make yourself ready for the experience.

After you’ve talked and discussed your options for a vaginal birth, you’ll have to prepare yourself as best you can. Prepare yourself both mentally and physically. Experiencing natural birth is also difficult, it takes courage and bravery to go for it. Try breathing and meditative exercises. it helps a lot in adjusting the body for the process. you can check some tutorials on the birthing ball also. This will help you to feel for the birthing tub. Being prepared, mentally, and physically to give birth naturally, is half the battle.

image of exrcises performed by a pregnant lady 

Do choose midwives over male attendants.

If the birthing attendants are trained in making the patient calm then this will prove to be the best part. A midwife is your best bet for a safe and natural labor and delivery. Both are trained specifically to help and support the mother along her journey of delivering naturally. A better person by your side is going to make you feel a lot better in any worse situation.

Do choose a trained and supportive doctor.

The main thing you want to do is to choose a trained and supportive medical professional for the complete nine months of your pregnancy. This way you can build trust and connection with the doctor who’s going to operate or perform the delivery. 

Do surround yourself with supportive people.

You should surround yourself with people who support your decision from the very beginning. This is known as the birth environment. The place you are going to deliver your child should make you feel good and confident about your decision. There are plenty of hospitals that offer birthing where the mother is encouraged to labor naturally. Do your research both online and offline, early, so that you’ll have plenty of time to visit these places.

<img src="" height=300px width=400px alt="supportive environment around a pregnant women"


Don’t ever take a rush.

Remember that it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor before making any decisions. If you are rushing top the hospital and by any chance you get complications then it will be a waste to study so much before this phase and it all goes in vain. Consider waiting at home for as long as possible. Because there’s no place like home. 

Don’t forget to talk

Evidence shows that if you have continuous support, you may cope better with labor. There are lots of benefits to having a birth partner, and midwives, they will always prove to be the right decision. some doctors refer to have a partner so that you face fewer problems during a hard time.

Don’t involve yourself in horror birth experiences

You need to develop confidence. It’s your decision and you have to be proud of what you’re doing. Don’t ever listen to someone who makes you scared about yourself try to isolate yourself with such an environment. Remember that you are going to welcome a healthy child. Don’t create a horror mind-set. Be happy and proud of your decision. 

women in scared state after listening to horror birth experiences.

Don’t think about the post-delivery state of your vagina

Trust your treatment and don’t think of the post effects of your vaginal state. You will heal. 

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