Nuturemite is consistently bringing forward knowledge associated with women’s health and health awareness. This blog is all about period tips. What a woman or a lady should do during her periods and what things she has to avoid considering their effects on her body and mind likewise. ensure to read till the end to understand what you were doing wrong during that menstrual week.

dos and don'ts during periods and menstrual week

Here I’ve listed 3 do’s and three don’ts to follow during your periods or menstrual week.


1. Do Change your pads or tampons regularly

Don’t attempt to procrastinate in changing your pads or tampon or whichever sanitary item you’re using. this is often mandatory to follow. Make this a priority over the other work during your periods. The menstruation week makes a girl fragile so never risk your health over your work. Change your pad or tampon every three to four hours (even more frequently if your flow is heavy) as an alternative, you’re increasing your chance of infection within the sensitive area.

2. Do take a healthy diet and avoid deep-fried or stale food.

Whole grains: provide fiber to stop constipation, are rich sources of B vitamins and are good antioxidants. Examples are whole wheat, oats, and rice.

Low-fat milk products: Dahi, lassi, and chanch are very important and require together with your meals. Indigestion can occur within the menstrual week so taking milk products can facilitate your feel hydrated. this may also help in adding probiotics and calcium together with protein.

Don’t forget Vegetables: you cannot fail with taking green veggies. Green veggies in periods are proven to be very beneficial. They add fiber and supply iron to form up for blood loss. Vegetables also provide important antioxidants to stay the body stress-free. you ought to not avoid taking green leafy veggies in your menstrual week.

3. Do use Heating Pads for relief from a deadly cramp during periods and menstrual week.

The effect of warmth application during the menstruation period is analogous to the consequences of painkillers for cramps. The difference between having a painkiller and employing a hot pad is that they do not make your hormones go fluctuate suddenly.
You can place a bottle of plight directly on the lower abdomen.
A lot of drugstores are now selling heating pads, which may easily be positioned under the garments. This heater application may be a lifesaver for those that cannot afford to miss work irrespective of how severe the menstrual cramps are. Don’t ignore your cramps, you’ll be able to make it right by using heating pads or quandary bags.


1. Don’t intake sugar-rich and deep-fried food:

Avoid food items with high contaminated sugar. Even avoid the food items with artificial flavor as they may harm your health during the menstrual week. Food items that contain refined sugars have the potential to extremely increase sugar levels within the bloodstream; making women feel sluggish and cranky.
Eat smaller meals during the day, this can stabilize glucose levels.
When cravings for sweet, select vegetables and custards because it’s the potential to retain energy. Avoid junk foods, deep-fried chips salted nuts, etc.

2. Don’t push your physical limit to an end during menstrual week.

Intense physical activities are to be avoided during your periods. Extremely low caloric intake could cause menstruation to cease.
Women who are diagnosed with amenorrhea experience lowering energy levels.
Heavy physical activities can cause a loss in consciousness during times (blacking out), which might also cause heavy flow suddenly, can even cause severe issues in your hormonal cycle. Eventually, the brain’s center hypothalamus will suppress hormone production and release. Women may also experience irregular cycles.

3. Don’t ignore your symptoms during your periods, menstrual week.

If you’re continuously experiencing anxiety attacks during your menstrual week, you wish to test your caffeine intake. many sorts of research prove that taking caffeine in an unbalanced amount can increase the anxiety level in your body that may make your hormones go up and down so frequently. Your blood vessels contract when caffeine is present in your body, which worsens menstrual cramps.
The time of menstrual week and periods has already got us at the sting of our sanity, so combining coffee and your period might not be the most effective idea.

So that’s it with some factors that you just should consider during those tough times of the month. Do consider these dos and don’ts for your next month’s periods for better health and mental health.

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