Acupressure for period crams.

Acupressure for period crams.

Acupressure is a traditional massage practice that was originated from China and Vedic medical practices. In this, the practitioner applies a certain amount of pressure at the target points where the patient is feeling pain or experiencing a lack of blood flow. This techniques or medical practice is useful in curing period cramps also

The main theory behind applying acupressure is to unblock the veins and the pathways from where the energy flow is maintained. 

acupressure for menstrual pain

The scientists prove that acupressure is very efficient in relieving the pain and dizziness in your body. many a time doctors, practitioners, and therapists suggest going for acupressure rather than intaking medicines or pills for pain relief. 

Period cramps are curable using acupressure

When we are talking about body pain and pain relief, let us not forget about the deadliest cramps and pain during periods. Women face some very severe pain during their lifetime. From delivering a child to this word to suffering from period cramps every month for almost a week.

Doctors have proven according to a study that period cramps are equally painful to a heart attack. Women discover their ways to tackle this pain every month. Some of the hacks they adapt are not very effective and also not good for other organs. 

Like taking pain-relief pills, hot water bag, jaggery, etc. all these can be very helpful for some but may not be suitable for everyone in this world.

Acupressure helps in here. Acupressure is derived from Chinese traditional medicine. This traditional form of practice to cure pain is viable and trusted.

Pain caused during period can be cured by applying acupressure.

Periods can cause excessive pain in the back, legs, calves, and other lower body organs also. Some women also experience diarrhea and uneasiness in digesting food. The majority of women experience abdominal cramps. 

Acupressure is applicable without any external help. An individual can apply acupressure on the target areas by own self. 

These are the target points where you can apply acupressure for pain relief:

  1. Between the thumb base
  2. At the base of the index finger
  3. Between the thumb and forefinger on the hand. This directly influences the circulation of Qi and Blood.
  4.  5 fingers below the knee joint on the inner side of the leg.

Hold the pressure on each point for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds to 1 minute and repeat up to four times a day.

If you’re experiencing chronic and other serious symptoms then make sure to consult your gynecologist as soon as possible to recover out more serious causes.

Painful periods are also known as dysmenorrhea. This can be experienced by the feeling of the uterus tightening during menstruation. This feeling can be experienced due to a secondary cause like endometriosis, growths or cysts, etc but no matter the cause, the pain is still very real and sometimes unbearable. 

Some more acupressure points for period pain relief

  1. Liver 3, is perfect for leveling the period cramps. And it also regulates the flow of periods. The location of this acupressure point is right between your big and second toe just about an inch down.
  2. Sea of Energy is an effective pressure point for giving relief from pain. This point is located at two finger-widths below the navel. Apply pressure with your forefinger. 

Excessive application of pressure can exacerbate the discomfort. Try to deal with soft hands and abort when feeling discomfort. You can also use a hot water bag in this area for better results. 

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