Precautions to take in Delhi pollution.

Precautions to take in Delhi pollution.

Nuturemite always comes up with a topic related to real-life scenarios to provide our audience with the latest information in society. That includes nutrition, health, lifestyle, women, men, children, and many more categories. Today’s blog is all about the precautions in Delhi during pollution. We’ll discuss discuss about what precautions we need to take during this very pollution that is spreading in the air like wildfire. All facts and cures are discussed so make sure to read till the last for the best information. 

Diwali and Pollution.

As Diwali comes with light, there is always a dark side of it which we never take seriously before it gets too serious for our happy healths. But blaming this holy festival of Indians only would be a blame game type of thing and a new excuse to run away from the main cause of reason for this pollution. 

India is famous for many things all around the world. Be it delicious food, sweets, festivals, tradition, culture, politics, history, religion or its bad management, health sector, construction sector, population, and pollution. 

Here everything is going to be about PRECAUTIONS TO TAKE DURING POLLUTION.


The following are the precautions that a person must take during times of pollution in Delhi and other neighboring states and areas.

  1. Awareness: you need to be aware that pollution, hazardous pollution exists in your surrounding.
  2. Avoid: avoid exercises, walking, shopping, outside your house.
  3. Minimize the energy level: Try to remain calm and maintain a moderate use of electronic appliances. This way the secretion of CFCs will be minimum inside the home. 
  4. Children should avoid playing outside the home and avoid going to playgrounds as it will expose them to polluted air more. 
  5. Try to avoid using old cars as they produce more polluted gas compared to others.
  6. Say no to light woods and plastic trash. It produces harmful gases that will increase the pollution level in the air. 

The above points include some of your regular daily routines. So what to do to cover them up with an alternate step?

The best time for a workout is morning or before sunset. One should work out in closed-door gyms. Also, open-window gyms by the road should be avoided.


Planting trees and plants are both helpful: We all know that plants help in minimizing pollution. Big trees like peepal, neem also help in minimizing and controlling pollution. However, indoor plants are great also when it involves cleaning the indoor air.

Examples are:

  1. First example is Aloe Vera. It makes space for the sun-loving plant. Aloe Vera scale backs indoor pollution.

2. Spider Plant: Spiders won’t be good for your home, but spider plants are surely a present to beat indoor pollution. mother-in-law’s tongue, bamboo palm, and Warneck Dracaena also help in getting the work done.

Avoid using air fresheners and burning candles. Air fresheners have large particulate, which isn’t desirable and will be avoided, but sometimes if necessary, it is often utilized in small amounts in corners and fans should be kept on.


The masks are effective up to some extent. They avoid the inhalation of particular materials and are somewhat helpful. Masks N95 and Masks N99 are easily available in markets and have proven to be very effective in fighting the battle with the pollution in the air. People who cannot afford an N-95 oR n-99 masks can also use a cloth to cover their nose and mouth while going out. It will also protect your respiratory system but the fact is that these are just an alternate solution. They won’t be that effective though.


Avoid outdoor games and walks to the greatest extent possible. Preferably before sunrise and after sunset. Avoid exposure to gardens (pollens might trigger an attack). Keep your inhalers with you. Put your masks on. Avoid areas with a lot of smoke.

What food items can trigger your respiratory organs in this pollution.

Delhi is very famous for its variety of food and snacks. People come from miles to enjoy delicious and mouth-watering food here. But beware of this pollution that is also there in the air you breathe while having those delicious foods. 

You might be a big fan of having cold deserts after having hot -hot food. But this season, you need to be very careful. You have to care about what you are eating and how it is going to affect your health. So avoid eating cold stuff. Try to avoid eating outside the home. This will prevent the chances of getting exposed to air and dust. 

It’s time to take precautions, not the time to panic. Stay safe and east healthy.

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