Overcome premature aging: cause and solution.

Overcome premature aging: cause and solution.

Nuturemite is here with another informational article for you all pretty ladies. You all are beautiful and will always be. But do you know that you can reverse your premature aging process? Yes, you read it right. By following some basic steps you can remain young forever (both mentally and physically). Your skin requires some attention and care and that’s it. You will be enjoying your young self again. 

image of a women who is facing premature aging

It is a fact that we can slow down the process of aging but can never stop it. We do have the power to make it according to us but we can’t put a full stop to it. 

Let’s see what are the factor that causes premature aging.

  1. Genetics: Some studies show that the existence of a certain gene in our body is responsible for making one look older than others. Those who have the aging gene look at least two years older than their actual biological age. Others who have just one such gene look older by about a year. This has no-fault of the person but it is a natural gift given by your ancestors.
  2. Alcohol: Taking excessive alcohol, smoking, drugs can make you go age really fast than others of your age. Also, prolonged sitting, staying awake till late, having processed foods, taking excess of tea or coffee, can also add your looks go old relly fast.
  3. Diet: We all heard of the phrase “we are what we eat”. This is so true when it comes to health and looks. Choose wisely what you are going to have in your meals. This can affect your looks and health badly if not paid attention to. 
  4. Sleep: If you are someone who stays up till late at night. Have irregular sleep patterns. Wake up late in the morning. Then sadly you’ll get older faster than all your friends and companions. This is a harsh reality that you have to accept. 
  5. Hydration: You know very well that the human body consists of 70% portion with water only. This level needs maintenance. If you are not someone who remains hydrated all the time then take an immediate sip from your water bottle near you. Because this may be a reason for your premature aging.
  6. Skincare: We all know how much we love to take care of our skin. But did you ever noticed what product you are feeding to your skin in the name of skincare? Awareness is very much important with your health and skincare. Your skin will become what you apply to it. Avoid using plastic and harsh material. This may be a cause of your premature ageing.

The following steps can help you reverse back your premature aging process:

  1. Regular exercising for physical health: Simple exercises like walking, jogging, and eating healthy food can delay the aging process.
  2. Regular exercise for your mental health: leisure activities such as reading, solving crosswords, puzzles, playing board games, playing musical instruments, dancing, and other social activities can help boost your mental stamina that will reflect on your face and health. These activities will also help you to stay away from all the negativity and stress. 
  3. Nutrition: The anti-aging creams and lotions are effective only superficially. Long-term and permanent benefits can be only enjoyed through good nutrition. Don’t depend on artificial therapy. Try to improve your nutrition and you’ll see the magical results within a not so long period of time.
  4. Diet: i) Consume oregano, turmeric, cloves, and cinnamon on daily basis in any form.

ii) Have at least one green tea a da.

iii) A handful of nuts, 5-6 times a week.

iv) Nutrients like Vitamin D3, Omega-3, and folic acid must be included in your regular diet.

Stop taking mental stress.

You know that some situations are not in your hands. So worrying over the things that you can’t change is just another contribution in making you age faster than ever. So just come sown, do meditations, relax, and focus on the things that are in your hands right now.

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