Loss of weight: 10 easy and proven ways to lose weight

Loss of weight: 10 easy and proven ways to lose weight

Weight loss effective techniques

Many individual initiate losing weight as a resolution. Weight loss depends upon metabolism of a person. Moreover it also depends on several factor like physical activities, and composition of body.

Hence one needs to deal with the calories burnt and consumed.

Steps to lose weight

  1. Vegetables

Consumption of vegetables in larger quantity can assure weight loss. Moreover any meal consisting of 50% vegetables is a reliable source to reduce weight.

  • Breakfast

Breakfast is the main diet to start your day. Thus, having a breakfast rich in nutrients, fills you up quickly. One can start by adjusting a breakfast with a calorie content of 400-500 calories. However, a breakfast having a lean portion of protein is good for consumption. This helps us becoming slim and fit.

  • Coffee

Caffeine has natural diuretic properties. Hence it reduces bloating. It also happens to be a good antioxidant. Thus, cell damage is protected. One can stick to different varieties of tea as a substitute. They are a good source for burning calories.

  • Sugary beverages

Consumption of sugary beverages might turn out to be a nightmare. Intake of these food supplements need to be monitored. When consumed regularly they can contribute some additional calories. Moreover, daily consumption of these food provides 800 extra calories. In addition, our hunger is also not checked.

  • Eat spicy

Compounds like capsaicin in jalapeno, pepper enhances release of stress hormones. Hence release of adrenaline assures burning of calories. Eating spices might also help us avoid the habit of overeating. Moreover, ginger and turmeric are great choices beside pepper and jalapenos.

Activities to be considered for the loss of weight

  • Sleep early

A good sleep is necessary to ensure good metabolism. Hence good metabolism is the key to burn extra calories. Moreover, staying awake at night for long can result in the consumption of a midnight snack. Thus individuals sleeping early gets an edge when it comes to losing weight.

  • Walking

Exercising is still the best way to lose weight. A walk in the evening might be beneficial as the metabolism slows down towards the end of the day. Moreover a walk for a duration of 30 minutes before dinner can increase the rate of metabolism. It also provides relaxation after dinner. Hence the chances of eating due to intensification of stress is also reduced.

  • Don’t skip a meal

Skipping a meal is the main reason for slowing down the metabolism rate of our body. However the chances of priming on other food, later in the day also increase. Start now by setting a snack alarm for eating, make sure not to skip a meal, and have a meal after every 3-4 hours.

  • Drink water

Consumption of water in ample amounts can prevent bloating. Moreover the consumption of high water content foods are always beneficial. Start including watermelon, tomato, grapes, and pineapple in your diet.

  1. Look for labels on food items

Some behavior changes are also necessary to lose weight. Good Housekeeping Nutritionist approved emblem separate the smarter and healthier food options. All these foods and drinks are easy to find. This is a creative solution to eat healthy. Hence always look for GHNA labels on food before buying them.  

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