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Dietary Fiber: It’s important for preschool kids

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​Fiber is one of the important components of the food pyramid. It is important since it helps with the proper digestion of the food that we eat and also helps with better absorption of such foods. Many times, food containing dietary fiber is overlooked by children. Hence, as a parent, it is an important duty to incorporate such dietary fibers in their kid’s diet. But choosing a good source of dietary fibers is also important.

Amount of fiber needed by preschoolers

There are many factors that affect a preschooler’s need for dietary fibers such as age, sex, the extent of activity.

  • Making healthy food choices is the simplest way to make your child strong and healthy. What means by making healthy food choices? It makes sure that your child gets an ample amount of food containing dietary fibers that are present in fruits and vegetables. If 4-5 servings of fruits get consumed each along with the rest of the foods then the required amount of fibers would be met.
  • Counting dietary fiber also comes as a food goal for keeping track of the diet and nutrients of the children. To count daily fiber intake ratio, simply add 5 to the age of the child. For example, a 3-year-old would need about 8 gms of fiber each day. The total daily recommended amount of up to 25 grams for adults gets used as a general guideline for children.


The most important feature of fiber is that it keeps the food moving in the digestive tract which good for our metabolism. Half of the population today suffers from constipation due to the consumption of a lot of fried and junk food. Fibers taken in the proper amount helps in preventing constipation. The risk of diseases such as cancer or heart diseases can be prevented since these foods contain certain vitamins and minerals which are important to maintain a healthy body and keep the person safe from such infirmities.

Good sources of fiber include:

  • Fruits (such as mango, pineapple, watermelon)
  • Vegetables (lady fingers, spinach, peas)
  • Beans
  • Nuts
  • Cereals

The image is a description of a nutrition facts chart labeled on a food item.

Nutritional Facts are mainly the ingredients and their nutritional properties, enlisted at the backside of a food item. With the help of nutritional facts, the right food which suits a person’s needs can be easily sought, including fiber. In the above image dietary fiber, listed under total carbohydrates which also come highlighted.

  • 5 or more grams of fiber are excellent sources in food

The image shows the constituting ingredients in a whole grain food.

  • Food labeled as whole grains do not mean that they will be rich in fiber. Since the fiber content in grains varies widely. Whole grain wheat contains more fiber than brown rice or oats. The brand can also affect the amount of fiber.
  • Food containing whole grain wheat, rice, rye, maize should be taken as they are good sources of whole grains rich in dietary fibers, which are good for the child’s health.

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