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Hair care: Meaning, Do’s and Don’ts to keep your hair healthy

Hair care is the treatment and hygiene involving its care, growing from the scalp and to some extent facial, pubic and other body parts. Its care routines vary from one individual to the other based on their culture and features of one’s hair.

Healthy habits to keep your hair good:

  1. Wash

Washing the hair regularly is good for our scalp. Moreover, it keeps our hair free of dirt and oils. However the frequency of washing ones hair varies on parameters like hair type and preference.

Dry hair requires less washing, whereas oily scalp might be benefited by a wash every alternate day.

  • Good Shampoos
Happy girl with white foam on her head closed eyes.

It is often seen that shampoos have high chemical content. As a matter of fact, these chemicals are harsh for our hair. Moreover, lesser the chemicals healthier it is. Sulfates and parabens in shampoos can cause skin irritation over a period of time, leading to hormonal disruption.

  • Conditioning
Cute red hair hipster man take a bath in hot bubble bathtub and conditions his hair.

Conditioners are good for hair fall management. Thus, they prevent our hair from environmental aggressors and heat while styling. As a matter of fact they are beneficial only when they are applied to the tips and not to the scalp.

  • Dry hair naturally

Drying our hair with the help of a dryer is good for making it look attractive. But, overuse of dryers can cause damage of scalp. Drying the hair naturally in air or with a towel is the best alternative. Sleeping with wet hair can also damage it.

  • Use natural oils

Oiling and massaging are natural treatments. Thus, they can improve blood circulation on the scalp. However, mineral oils are not always beneficial for our hair.

Hair care (Don’ts)

  1. Hot bath

Natural oils are removed from our scalp, making it dry and flaky

  • Pressure

Anxiety and stress has an impact on hair. People with less anxiety are said to have healthier hair. Stress can even be the reason of hair fall and unhealthy hair.

  • Chemicals

Styling the hair needs a wide range of chemicals. Thus, chemicals from dying affect our hair follicle, disrupt growth, and can cause hair fall.

  • Saline water

Saline water can cause damage to our hair cuticle. Therefore, irritation of the scalp might happen, making the hair tangled. Moreover, chlorinated water in swimming pools have the same effect on our hair.

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