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How to make Brinjal (eggplant) stuffed curry?

brinjal curry

Brinjal is a fruit, originally from the Indian subcontinent, and is now found throughout the world. Eggplant is also called brinjal, melon gene, and squash. These purple or black glossy fruits grow more than a foot in length in wild varieties. There are varieties of eggplants and they are usually called as “king of vegetables”.

Brinjal Nutrition Facts:

Also, the wonderful health benefits of eggplants are derived from their vitamin, mineral, and nutrient content. According to the USDA National Nutrient Database, eggplants are a rich source of Vitamin C, k, B6, copper, folic acid, etc.

Health Benefits Of Egg Plant

1.Aid In Digestion:

Eggplants are a great source of dietary fiber which is a necessary element in any balanced diet. Fiber is essential for gastrointestinal health as well as regular bowel movements.
It also stimulates the secretion of gastric juices that facilitate the absorption of nutrients and the processing of foods.

Fiber has also been linked to the reduction in heart diseases as well since it eliminates the bad LDL that clogs arteries and veins resulting in heart attacks, strokes, etc.

2.Weight Loss:

As eggplants contain a minimal amount of fat, it is very healthy food for people who are trying to reduce the weight.

3.Improves Bone Health:

Furthermore, eggplants are very good for people who are at a high risk of bone degradation. Phenolic Compounds have also been linked to reduced signs of osteoporosis, stronger bones, etc.
Eggplants also have significant amounts of iron, calcium, which are integral to bone health and overall strength.

4.Prevent Anaemia:

Deficiency in iron can cause anemia. Anemia is characterized by headaches, migraines, fatigue, weakness, depression, etc. By eating foods rich in iron can prevent a person from being anemic. Eggplants are also very rich in copper another essential component of red blood cells (RBCs), just like iron.

5.Improve Brain Function:

Eggplants are wonderful sources of phytonutrients, which have been known for boosting cognitive activity and general mental health.They also keep our bodies and brain safe from toxins. The potassium in eggplants also acts as a brain booster, hence called as “brain food”.

6.Improve Heart Health:

The bio-flavonoids in eggplants are great for reducing blood pressure, which reduces the strain and stress on the cardiovascular system, thereby greatly improving the health of your heart.

7.Prevent Birth Defect:

Eggplants are rich in folic acid, which makes them a delicious and dietary addition for pregnant women. Folic acid protects infants from neural tube defects, which can occur in many ways.

Recipe Of Brinjal Curry

Time : 45 minutes, servings:4


Brinjal: 500gms

Preparation of stuff for Brinjal curry:

Onion:2 no.s

Coriander seeds: 1 teaspoon

Udad dal: 1 tablespoon

Chana dal: 1 tablespoon

Jeera: 1 tablespoon

Mustard seeds: 1 teaspoon

Methi seeds: ½ teaspoon

Dry red chilles: 5-6 no.s (depending on the spice required)

Tamarind: marble sized (as per the taste)

Salt: as per the taste

Oil: 4 tablespoons

The procedure of Brinjal Curry:

This is one of the traditional recipes, followed by the people of Andhra Pradesh. The tender brinjals are selected for making this delicious stuffed curry. The brinjals are washed thoroughly before making this curry.

  1. Add two tablespoons of oil to the frying pan. Then add all the ingredients (except onions) listed in the preparation of stuff. Roast them and set aside to cool.
  2. To the same pan, add onions and fry till they become transparent.
  3. The roasted ingredients are ground to a coarse powder using a mixer and then onions are also added to the same mixer. Adding onions later to the mixer gives a very good textured paste for stuffing into the brinjals. Also add tamarind, half a tablespoon salt along with the onions
  4. The washed brinjals are taken and then the slits are made transversely opposite to each other.
  5. The stuff prepared is inserted into each brinjal.
  6. Add 2 tablespoons of oil to the same pan. Add all the stuffed brinjals, sprinkle salt on them, and allow them to cook for half an hour at medium flame until they become soft.
  7. Then they are ready to serve.
  8. Garnish them with coriander leaves.
  9. Finally, enjoy this traditional recipe with hot rice, it tastes best.

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