Black Sapote: Benefits, Side Effects And Recipes

Black Sapote: Benefits, Side Effects And Recipes

Black Sapote

Originating from Mexico, black sapote fruit is also called chocolate pudding fruit, because of the color, taste and texture it possesses. It contains tons of vitamin C and is getting known by many people, because of its cultivation in more countries. It is round shaped fruit. The ripe black sapote tastes like chocolate pudding, but the unripe is bitter and irritates the eater. Being cultivated in Australia, Florida, and the Philippines, the fruit grows optimally to its size in tropical and subtropical climates. Well, drained soil placed under sunny areas is best for its cultivation.

Benefits of black sapote

Vitamin C Enrichment Boosts Energy And Health

Vitamin C has miraculous benefits for skin, and overall health and black sapote is bursting with this vitamin. It helps not only in rejuvenating the skin but also in keeping the whole body (including the skin) hydrated. Ripe black sapote is a delicious sweet in taste and gives an instant energy boost. It also helps in keeping the mood happy and mentally healthy. Also, it contains complex carbohydrates, which provide enough energy to carry out physical activities efficiently.

Strengthen Immune System

Copious amounts of vitamin C in black sapote help the body in fighting harmful foreign toxins and in keeping the body protected from potential diseases. Furthermore, it enhances body metabolism.

Antioxidant And Anti-Aging

Antioxidants rid the body of free radicals that come from pollutants and black sapote is bursting with antioxidants. It is also very beneficial in stopping the growth of harmful cells inside the body. Alongside these benefits, intake of antioxidants accompanies a calming feeling and pleasant mood, thereby making black sapote a fruit to be cherished. The high content of antioxidant helps in stimulating the levels of collagen, which further helps in the development of healthy texture of the skin. It also helps the skin look younger and relieves the mind from stress.

Vitamin A Enrichment Ensures Eye Health

Vitamin A has long been credited with the development of new cells and in overall healthy cell growth. It is also considered to be very beneficial for the health of sight. Being enriched with vitamin A, it is a great fruit that provides a natural supply of abundant vitamin A. Also, as a precautionary measure, to keep oneself protected from sight and other eye-related problems, black sapote is the chief source of vitamin A, thereby ensuring eye health and improved vision.

Improves Digestion, Expiates Constipation And Helps In Weight Loss

Great amounts of dietary fiber in it enables better digestion and prevents stomach and intestine related problems. Improvement in peristaltic and intestinal movements has been observed in frequent consumers of black sapote. The black sapote is bursting with dietary fibers, which act as a laxative and lessen the amount of acid inside the stomach. Therefore, when the digestion is improved, the problem of constipation gets minimized. It is additionally beneficial for the prevention of nausea and heartburn.

The high content of dietary fiber in black sapote leads to better digestion and metabolism and in turn assists in the weight loss. Because of it beingrich source of vital nutrients, it provides the body all the necessary energy to function, while minimimizing harmful fats, cholesterol, and carbohydrates. Moreover, complex carbohydrates present in the fruit provide long-term satiety, thereby decreasing the need for the consumption of any more food. Also, they take a good amount of time to digest. Therefore, they keep the body feeling full for longer.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Because the cholesterol level is incredibly low (in fact, zero % to be exact!), the blood circulation in artery walls takes place optimally and efficiently. It incredibly lowers down the instances of cardiac arrest and stroke. It is also responsible for enhancing the HDL levels and lowering the LDL levels in blood.

Mineral Enriched

Essential minerals including calcium, potassium, iron, and phosphorous make a huge content in black sapote. Calcium enhances bone and teeth strength. Potassium plays a vital role in the development of muscle, in decreasing the blood pressure and in the treatment of kidney related issues. Phosphorous and iron prevent blood clotting and in keeping the body healthy. The high content of calcium, iron, potassium and phosphorus is very beneficial for providing strength to the bones. They enhance the mass density of the bone, thereby preventing bones from being easily fractured. People over the age of 30 should use black sapote for this particular quality, as it is common in this age group for bones to start becoming brittle.

Kidney Health

Potassium in the black sapote is highly beneficial for increasing the stimulation of kidneys. Also, it prevents formation of stones in the kidneys. The high content of other minerals and antioxidants improve the overall functioning of the kidneys.

Blood Pressure Maintenance

The many nutritional benefits of the fruit enable in lowering the blood pressure, thereby preventing hypertension. Especially, potassium and iron help in maintaining healthy blood pressure.

Hormone Balancing

Due to the presence of many nutrients, black sapote helps to keep the nerves calm and lower down the level of stress and depression. Because of elevated stress thatmainly causes hormone imbalance, consumption of black sapote can prove to be beneficial in hormone regulation.


Because black sapote contains a lot of vitamin C, it prevents bacteria from developing and inhabiting in the mouth, thereby protecting it from bacteria-related disease. Vitamin C is useful in both preventing and eliminating the bacteria. Therefore, it is a strong remedy for all of the bacteria-related diseases and problems. Vitamin C also helps the body resist and fight against many harmful viruses. Anti-bacterial characteristic of the black sapote fruit is also helpful in lowering down the inflammatory effect inside the body, such as the one caused by a sore throat.

Adding black sapotes to your diet

Black sapote can be consumed in many ways. Therefore, we can gain the health benefit of black sapote easily. The list below is some of the ways to consume black sapote.

  1. Direct Consumption – The fastest and easiest way to consume it by directly eating the ripened fruit. Since it tastes like a chocolate pudding, therefore many peoples prefer to consume it without adding anything. Make sure not to consume the unripe fruit, since it is bitter and irritating.
  2. Ice Cream – It is the good news that black sapote can be produced as an ice cream. Hence, it is a fun way to get the health benefits of black sapote.
  3. Juice – Another alternative to consume black sapote is by blending it as a juice. For additional flavor, people usually add some milk. Since, there is some Health Benefits of Drinking Milk Everyday as a good source of calcium.
  4. Dessert – The most common way to consume black sapote is by making it as a dessert. There are various dessert recipes, which contain black sapote as its ingredients. Namely pudding,cakes, mousse or smoothie.
Black Sapote Recipe

Recipe for Black Sapote Muffins

Prep : 0:05, Cook : 0:15, Makes 12


2 tbs soft butter

3/4 cup sugar

1 egg

1 cup black sapote pulp

1/3 cup orange juice *to taste

2 cup self-raising flour

1 tsp vanilla essence


Place everything in a bowl and mix together.

Place spoonfuls into a non-stick muffin tray and cook at 220C for approximately 15 minutes.

Other uses

The crushed bark and leaves are applied as a blistering poultice in the Philippines. In Yucatan, the leaf decoction is employed as an astringent and is taken internally as a febrifuge. Various preparations are used against leprosy, ringworm and itching skin conditions.

Side effects

Black sapote, like any other fruit, also has side effects. Therefore, people shall be aware on these side effects before consuming the fruit. Below are some side effects of black sapote:

  1. Allergic – Some people who tend to get allergy of something shall be careful when consuming this fruit. Since, it can bring the allergic reactions such as rash, itchiness or even nausea. In case of any of these signs after consuming the fruit, it is better to stop consuming.
  2. Interfere medicine – Consuming the fruit might affect the medicine. Therefore, people under medical treatment shall avoid consuming this fruit. Since, it can reduce the effectiveness of the medicine.
  3. Increase sugar level – The fruit is having a sweet taste and a complex carbohydrate. Therefore, there is a possibility that it can increase the sugar level inside the blood. Hence, diabetic patient is better to avoid consuming this fruit.

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