In 2018 a published research announced that nearly every computer chip which was manufactured in the past 20 years is being exploited by meltdown and spectre and today, we are going to discuss about meltdown.

Meltdown breaks the most fundamental connection between the user application and operating system, and this attack allows a program to access the memory and all other secrets of operating system and user private information.

Meltdown exploits the critical vulnerabilities in modern processors, and this is mostly happening in every advanced chipset.

Meltdown exploits side effects of out-of-order execution on the modern processor to read arbitrary kernel memory locations, including personal data and passwords.

Meltdown breaks all security guarantees provided by address space isolation as well as paravirtualization environments and every security mechanism building upon this foundation.

This most occurring flaw steal user data, which is currently processing in the computer while no program is permitted to read user data until we grant permission to that.

Still, in this scenario, meltdown makes them permit by exploiting vulnerabilities and allowing it to steal your information and files such as photos, passwords, instant chats, and even documents.

Finally, the meltdown was not any typical malware to get detected in antivirus scans, and it won’t be blocked either. Mostly Intel processors that implement out of order executions are affected means which are manufactured after 1995. And some AMD processors are also affected by meltdown.

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