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Are you all bored during this quarantine? Are you finding what to do in your house during this crisis of our world? Well, let me tell you, all can do a lot of things in these quarantine days. A lot means a more vivid exploration of oneself can be done these days with the same level of energy and excitement that you all may have been with friends. You might not get what this write up is all about yet. But gradually you will get to know what this article can mean to you if you follow this. Quarantine might no more be boring now to you.

Here are some things you can follow to kill your boredom:

  1. REGULAR EXERCISE: According to WHO, if a person wants to stay fit, he/she must have a habit of regular exercise even though that person is much more active in the family works than other members in the family. Exercises like Plank, Back extension, Squats and Chair dips can be done on a regular basis and is hazardless. Exercises help to keep our bodies fit and spending some time behind exercising can help us get motivated.
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2. MEDITATION:  Meditation has a lot of benefits that are unknown to most of us. Meditation helps improving sleep and also helps to reduce stress and addiction to many things. In these quarantined days people are becoming more restless and impatient. In this scenario, only meditation can help us stay calm and cooperate with the family members as well as the government.

3. PEACEFUL MEALS: Meals can always be peaceful in these days. Having a good meal helps us to stay fit and healthy. During this crisis we need to keep our immune system boosted and always stay fit so that we do not catch fever or cough and cold as such. As a matter of fact, we need to have a healthy diet to keep ourselves fit. Sometimes we face a lot of stress and that can also be cured by having a healthy diet. These days we all need to keep a check on our meals. This does not mean we will have to finish a whole plate, but this definitely means to have a meal that is fit for us. Not too little, not too much.

4. DRINK MORE WATER: Behind everything there is science. Even behind drinking water, there is a lot of logic that many of us don’t know and we are never so curious to know the uses of keeping ourselves hydrated. Do you know drinking more water keeps out headaches and migraines? As the temperature rises, the risk of migraine also rises simultaneously. One of the studies reveals that migraine increases with every 8-degree rise in temperature. So, drinking more water prevents headaches and migraines.

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5. FAMILY TIME: This is the perfect time to spend with family. On working days, we all have our different parts of jobs to be completed at the scheduled time. But now most of the students and workers work from home which saves their time of journey. This time can be saved and spent wisely. Spend time with elder members of the family like grandparents. They need our time as they are old and desire to have us near them always. This increases their sense of security and they stay happier in this way.

6. STROLL IN HOUSE: Make strolling in the house a habit. Sitting in a place for long hours increases lethargy and pain in joints and spine. Even working for hours sitting in a place is not a healthy habit to be followed. When we walk in our house, the joints in our body get some job to be done and get oiled which is very much important.

7.MOVIE TIME: It’s not only work that is important but also watching movies and TV series helps a lot in improving our mental health. Watch some of the favorite shows on Netflix or watch some quality movies with your family. This gives rest to your work life and in this way, you can spend some time with your family as well.

8. GET SOME SLEEP: Apart from everything, sleep is one of the most important things in life. Without sleep a person cannot live for many days. A Russian sleep experiment that came into the limelight is said to be true, which explains that people cannot live without sleeping for days. Sleep is a major need for human beings. During our sleep our body rests as well our mind too though not fully. Sleep plays an important role in molding our immune system too. So, having a good 8-hour sleep is recommended by doctors.

9. FOLLOW WHO: WHO is a trusted site and will never give unwanted stories about this crisis period. Accordingly, there are many sites and social media that spread the wrong news about COVID-19 and make people suffer from fear about this.

Stay Home and Stay Fit. So, this is the only way to keep ourselves healthy and other people also healthy. Contact a doctor when in need and do take care of yourselves. This chain can only be broken if everyone cooperates and stays at home.

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