The topwater is packed in plastic bottles and is available in different sizes. It can be seen in retail shops, airports, etc. Also, these brands of bottled water take the responsibility of protecting the environment.

Bottled water brand aims at  sustaining, protecting and naturally recharging the water sources. The consumption of bottled water is increasing drastically all over the world these days. The bottled water can be of great use to a sports person and for the walk till the office etc.

The topwater bottled brands in the world are:

1) Aquafina

Aquafina is produced by PepsiCo. people know it for its purified water and its pack. It is one of the top bottled water brands. Indeed has flavored and unflavoured water. But the unflavoured water is pure Aquafina water.

This water comes from the nearby municipal taps, and then it is processed. This process includes ozone sterilization,  reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet so that you can get the purified water that you need.

It was established in 1999, after some years, it started producing flavoured water. Aquafina is recognised as the top bottled water brand in the US.


“In the previous year, Aquafina has produced about 2.52 billion US dollars in sales. Due to its excellent distribution and visibility and environment-friendly plastic bottle packaging, it is considered as the top bottled water company in the world,” studies show.

2) Dasani

Dasani, launched in the year 1999, is also considered as the top water brand.  This bottled water is produced by the coca-cola company.

The tagline in the water bottle says ‘Enriched with minerals for a pure, fresh taste’, this bottled water makes use of the normal tap water and then it goes through the purification process. This purified water is improved with traces of minerals and then bottled.

The pure and refreshing taste of the Dasani water, mixed with a small pinch of natural fruit,  it is said to be one of the top bottled brand of the world.

3) Nestle Waters

This is originated in 1992, this healthy hydrating company, makes up for one of the best bottled water brand. Producing around 94 production units across 34 countries, nestle waters never failed to fulfil the needs of the customers.

“Nestle water carries out various researchers and spread the word to the world to make the customers realize the importance of water and hydration for their health. Nestle water also produces healthy flavored sparkling water to compensate the usage of sweetened sodas and juices.

Due to its number one position of bottled water and its usage by the customers, Nestle water is considered the top bottled water company in the world.”

4) Glaceau SmartWater

Just as the name suggests ‘smart waters’, it is made with a smart technique too. Considered as one of the top bottled water company, Glaceau SmartWater provides the customers with  crisp delicious and pure water.

“Their process includes vapor distilling water wherein every drop of water is taken care to be as pure like the drop of rain that first appears before it gets polluted. Then the process continues by adding electrolytes for a crisp and clean taste of water.


Many of the advertisement of GalceauSmartwater states that this water is as pure as the first drop of rain. Because of this unique features this company, considered as the top bottled water company in the world.”

5) Poland Spring

Poland spring is a branded bottled water company manufactured in Poland. In 2006, Poland Spring was the most sold bottled water in the US. This branded water produces products like sparkling water, spring water, and distilled water.

 “Poland Spring source water from the natural spring in Maine and has their delivery across New England. They got appreciation for their various sizes of bottles they are available. This Sparkling spring water is also available in natural fruit essence flavor like lemon, lime, and Orange.


This bottled company also serves the Maine community through their well-known water donation program. The company donates water to the community groups. In the year 2016, the company donated 800,000 bottles of Poland Spring to the community group. Due to its main focus on the natural spring water, this company is one of the top bottled water brands in the world.”

6) Danone Bottled water

Danone is one of the leading water brands and hence they do their best to provide well and health-focused water. Proper care is taken to design bottles. They mainly focused on usability and style.

“It makes the users convenient to use with their various kinds of the pack that caters to family consumption, travel, office, etc.

Until the year 2015, Danone possessed a market share of 10.1 percent. They rank second among the top bottled companies in the world. Estimation for the global market for Danone brand was 200.3 billion US dollars.”

7) Fiji

Fiji started its journey from a small place in 1996. Fiji shares the top bottled water company in the world and it produces the world’s finest water.

“Fiji water bottle is the topmost exporter of bottled water in the United States and this water is used in about 60 countries across the world.

Due to its commitment to their business and looking for making a difference, Fiji water is considered as one of the top bottled water company in the world.”

8) Tingyi

“Tingyi Holdings Corporation also called as Master Kong is founded in the year 1996 and is based out in Tianjin, China. This company specializes in various products like beverages, bottled water, soft drinks, instant noodles and also baked products.”

“Known as the top bottled water company with the brand name Master Kong mineral water. In the year 2014, the bottled water section of this company showed and controlled a trade volume share of 12%. Over the year in order to be considered as the top bottled water company, this company launched natural mineral water product and also showcased the high-quality water.”

9) Deer Park

Similar to the tagline, ‘100% Natural Spring Water’, Deer Park comes as the real spring water producing top water company. It also produces real fruit flavors as additional refreshments. It gives the taste of nature. Their products focus on both flavored and unflavored types and they are free of sugar and colors.


The company started its water journey from one spring named the Appalachian Mountains. It carefully selects the springs and currently has 13 springs that are spread across four states.

Due to its enormous growth for over a century. People consider it as one of the top bottled water company in the world.

10) Ozarka

Also regarded as a top bottled water company and known for natural spring water. Ozarka brings the water from 3 springs situated in Texas. The process from spring to bottle is well-taken care of at Ozarka and utmost care is taken to ensure that every drop of water meets the quality.

Ozarka 100% Natural spring water originated from Texas from 3 springs. The 3 springs sites spread across 150 miles on the Eastern side of Texas. These 3 springs provide the water a fresh taste.

The various products of Ozarka are sparkling water, spring water, and distilled water. Due to its various products and its features, Ozarka has reached to the top bottled water company.

11) Bisleri

Considered as a synonym for mineral water in India, Bisleri founded in the year 1965 in Mumbai, is famous across for its bottled mineral water in green color which is available in various sizes. Powered by 13 owned plants, 80 co-packers, and 21 franchises. It also focuses on nationwide distribution.


Bisleri is valued as the largest brand of bottled water company because of the quality. Their goal is to provide clear, affordable and high-quality drinking water to the customers.

Due to its wide growth and its excellent quality of water they provide over the years. People consider it as one of the top bottled companies.

12) C’est Bon

Headquartered in China and founded in the year 1990, C’est Bon launched the purified drinking water. The company focuses on providing high-quality water and services to the customers.

The company has won recognition for its good services by the customers. Over the years, it also certified as the Famous Chinese Trademark and considered a competitive brand in the bottled water company.


The company produces pure water of high-quality standard, which makes the water taste natural and sweet and also brings the customer cool and safe water. Due to their excellent products, people considered it as a top bottled water company in the world.

13) Wahaha

Considered as one of the top brand bottled water company, Wahaha started its journey in the year 1987 in China. It basically started its operations by selling ice cream, soda, stationary etc.  Over the years Wahaha became the largest beverage company in China.

Wahaha has established 80 production units over the years. People widely recognize Wahaha bottled water brand in China. Their tagline for their bran is ‘Healthy Life, Healthy Water’. The natural mineral water originated from spring location situated in Changhai Mountain.


Wahaha also produces Mineral water that makes use of reverse osmosis technology and adds minerals to provide a fresh taste. Due to its wide range of products, Wahaha is considered as the top bottled company in the world.

14) Nongfu Spring

Established in the year 1996, Nongfu Spring headquartered in Hangzhou. Nongfu Spring is one of the top brand bottled water company of China. It produces high-quality spring water along with other beverages.

Nongfu Spring believes in naturalism and makes use of natural ingredients that are of high quality. They bottle their main products like water, juices, tea and functional beverages and fresh fruit. Nongfu Spring has established water bottling plants apart from water sources in China and maintains the area to a great extent. They make use of the best technology and production management systems to provide high-quality water. During the year 2015, Nongfu Spring showed sales of about 5.6% of the total bottled water in China. Due to the widespread products, people consider Nongfu Spring as one of the top bottled water company.

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