Studies say that many medicines have side effects, some are wanted side effects and others are unwanted. Normally, doctors prescribe medicines that have some side effects in different aspects. In medical terms, adverse side effects mean some unwanted side effects. It caused while treating someone with a drug or other therapy. Medicine might have several side effects but some are strong. These cause serious illness to some patients. For example, Budesonide EC is medicine for bowel conditions. It has side effects like headache and nausea. So, a person with a weak immune system will get ill easily. So, specialists always prefer to consult a doctor before taking any medicine.

source: (European Pharmaceutical Review)

In this article, we are going to discuss the side effects of some medicines. Consult a doctor if these side effects are serious:


Cymbalta, a drug commonly known to treat depression. Firstly, We all know that depression and anxiety is a common problem in today’s youth. Secondly, we also need to know the adverse effects of these medicines. Cymbalta is a well-known medicine that most doctors prescribe. But it has a lot of side effects. This medicine causes abdominal pain which may rise to serious issues in some patients. Some of the symptoms include irregular heartbeats, increased thirst, and blindness in severe cases. Studies show that the age group of 20-40 use antidepressants the most. In other words, antidepressants are not good for health.


Metoprolol is a popular beta-blocker. Now, you might have a question, what are beta-blockers? These are medicines that prevent you from having a second heart attack after having the first heart attack. This medicine has many reported cases of patients having blurred vision. Irregular heartbeat, nausea, dilated neck veins also. The overdose of this medicine may cause the blue color of fingertips and lips. Sometimes it stops the heartbeat. Researchers recorded runny nose, blood vomit, fever, dark urine are also some cases.

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 Zolpidem, sold under the brand name Ambien. This medicine treats sleep disorders like insomnia. Many patients suffering from low sleep quality use this drug. It helps to increase their sleep quantity and quality. It is useful for many patients. But has more adverse effects on some of the patients. This medicine has some common side effects like lack of appetite, fever, and problem in walking. Cold sweats, anxiety, sore throat, puffiness, or swelling of eyelids are some rare cases. These reports are filed in medical science research over the years.

Overdose of this medicine may lead to unconsciousness, difficulty in breathing and irregular heartbeats. Specialists highly recommend consulting a doctor in these cases.


Amlodipine, used to treat heart diseases and make blood flow better. It treats high blood pressure. As we all know, heart disease medicines have a lot more adverse effects. and they are too sensitive than other medicines. Common side effects are dizziness, feeling warm, black feces. But in case of diarrhea, blood loss with cough, bleeding gums, red, irritated eyes and sore throat, the patient must consult a doctor immediately. Thus, overdose of this medicine may cause belching and muscle cramps that are harmful to the patient.

source: (Science Photo Library)


Chloroquine is an anti-malaria medicine that helps to reduce the growth of the parasite in the red blood cells. A person with a problem in vision should not take this medicine. Always consult a doctor before taking these medicines. When it comes to adverse side effects, hypotension is reported frequently. Other symptoms like anxiety, hair loss, stomach cramps, double vision, and drooling are also noticed. Thus, an overdose of Chloroquine may result in a pounding heart, decreased urine, muscle pain, loss of appetite, and cold skin.


Gabapentin is used to control seizures which happens due to the abnormal electric activity in the brain. If a doctor has prescribed this medicine then only it is recommended to have. Because it might have less risk. But many patients do not follow proper medications as the doctors prescribe. Doctors say that these patients may have adverse side effects. Also, side effects include depression, loss of coordination, and restlessness. In addition, sometimes sore throat. Also, if the conditions worsen, patients feel the worst conditions like swollen feet, fingertips, and ankles.


Prednisone is a medicine that is used to treat arthritis, shallow breathing, and blood problems. Before taking this medicine, it is always preferred to make a test. It checks if the patient is allergic to it or not as it has severe side effects on allergies. Vomiting, shallow breathe, nausea are common symptoms. But the physician must know if the patient is facing serious troubles. Troubles like irregular heartbeats, seizures, menstrual period changes. Thus, an overdose of prednisone may lead to acne, dry scalp, and fractures. Sometimes vision changes occur too.

source: (Women’s Health)

Side effects of medicines depend on several factors like age, weight, and immune system. Adverse side effects can occur on your first dosage or anytime in your dosage period. The side effects are unbearable and need a doctor’s attention. It is recommended to bring the matter to your doctor’s view. Stop the medication or find a substitute for it if needed. Firstly, you should take medicines that the doctors prescribe. Secondly, not the medicines that you buy from the shops. Therefore, medicines without a prescription are bad.

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