Lotus Stem

Lotus Stem

lotus stem

Lotus root,as the name implies is the root of the lotus flower,which is an aquatic plant of the Nelumbonaceae family.It is an important element in numerous cultural practices and religions.It can be washed,sliced and prepared.

Nutrition Facts:

Lotus root is a unique mix of vitamins,minerals,phytonutrients including potassium,phosphorus,copper,iron,manganese etc.

Nutrients Values
Water 79.1
Energy 74
Protein 2.6
Total Lipid 0.1
Carbohydrate 17.23
Fiber 4.9
Calcium 45
Iron 1.16
Magnesium 23
Phosphorus 100
Potassium 556
Sodium 40
Zinc 0.39
Vitamin C 44
Thiamine 0.16
Riboflavin 0.22
Niacin 0.4
Vitamin B-6 0.26
Folate 13
Vitamin B-12 0
Vitamin A 0
Vitamin D 0
Fatty acids 0.02
Cholesterol 0

Health benefits of lotus stem

1.Improves blood circulation:
The iron and copper content in lotus roots is significant and they are both integral parts of red blood cell production and helps in reducing the chances of developing anemic symptoms and increasing vitality and blood flow.

2.Reduce stress:
Vitamin B complex directly interacts with neural receptors in the brain that influence mood and mental states.It controls irritability,headaches and stress levels.

3.Improves Digestion:
Fleshy lotus root is packed with dietary fiber,which is known to bulk up the stool and expedite bowel movements.Lotus root also helps to reduce symptoms of constipation.

4.Improves heart health:
The pyridoxine content in lotus root controls the levels of homocysteine in the blood,which is directly connected to causing a heart attack.

5.Rich in Vitamin A:
Because of the presence of vitamin A it helps to improve the health of the skin,hair and eyes.Vitamin A has antioxidant capabilities and can prevent macular degeneration and other ocular conditions.It also helps to speed up wound healing and treat skin conditions and inflammation.

Side effects of lotus roots:

Despite all the nutritional benefits,lotus roots should never be used as a substitute for traditional medicine.A doctor should always be consulted before using lotus root for treating any ailment.
Lotus root should never be consumed raw as it tends to contain parasites that may be very harmful to our health.

Fun facts of lotus root:

1.The Chinese consider Lotus root to have a “cooling effect” on the blood,and is used in ancient medicine for stimulating the appetite.
2.Today only two varieties of Lotus root exist white or pink flowered Lotus,which is the Chinese variety and the yellow flowered Lotus,which is found in Americans.

How to buy and store Lotus stem?

1.Try to select a short fat lotus root that is heavy and firm,with a vibrant brownish color.
2.Try to avoid any root with black spots or bruises on the skin.
3.Store lotus root in the refrigerator wrapped in a damp cloth or paper towels in a plastic bag.
4.They are at their best when they are fresh,but can can be stored for a couple of weeks.

North Indian Dish:
Crispy Lotus Stem Honey Chilli:

Crispy lotus stem chilli is a tongue-tickling way to start your meal.Thinly-sliced lotus stem are stir fried with flavorful sauces,spices and honey to get a sweet and sour taste.

Nutrition Facts:

Nutrients Values
Energy 603.00calories
Carbohydrates 74.89g
Protein 3.50g
Fat 32.61g


1.3 cups peeled and thinly sliced lotus stem
2.5 tbsp cornflour
3.Oil for deep-frying
4.1 tbsp chilli oil
5.3 tbsp honey
6.2 1/2 dry red chilli flakes
7.3 tbsp tomato ketchup
8.1 tsp soy sauce
9.Salt to taste


1.Combine the lotus stem and cornflour in a deep bowl and toss well.
2.Heat the oil in a pan and deep fry the lotus stems till they turn golden brown and crispy from all the sides.
3.Heat the chilli oil in a pan.Add the honey,chilli flakes,tomato ketchup,soy sauce and salt.Mix well and cook on a medium flame for 1 minute.
4.Add the fried lotus stem,toss well and cook on a medium flame.
5.Serve immediately.

Healthy Dish:

Lotus stem salad recipe:

1.1 cup sliced and boiled lotus stem.
2.1 cup sliced boiled .
3.1 tbsp chopped celery

For the dressing:

1.salt to taste.
2.2 tsp lemon juice
3.Freshly ground black pepper powder
4.3 tsp powdered sugar
5.1 tsp soy sauce

For the tempering:

1.2 tsp Olive oil
2.1 tsp cumin seeds
3.Curry leaves

To Garnish:

1.1/4 cup spring onions

To Serve:
Tomato soup


1.Combine all the vegetables and dressing in a bowl and mix well.
2.Heat the oil in a pan and add the cumin seeds
3.When the seeds crackle add the curry leaves and pour this tempering in a bowl and toss gently.
4.Refrigerate it for an hour and serve fresh.
5.Garnish it with spring onions while serving.Serve it with hot tomato soup.

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