Week 2 Pregnancy Guide

Week 2 Pregnancy Guide

During week 2 of your pregnancy you may not b even sure that you are pregnant.But your body is getting ready for pregnancy.Many changes occur during these early days of pregnancy and they’re essential for healthy pregnancy.

Physical changes in week 2:

Its still the early days of pregnancy and changes are subtle.During the second week of pregnancy your body will provide signs that its getting ready to ovulate.

Emotional changes:

Your mood will have improved this week.Some symptoms you might notice by week 2 are:
1.Missed period.
4.Increased Urination
6.Swollen breasts.

How will be the baby during week 2 of pregnancy?

During the early days of pregnancy,there’s still no baby.SO by the time you find out you’re pregnant you could be around 4 to 6 weeks pregnant even if there was no baby during the first to weeks.on week 2 of your pregnancy one egg has become dominant.

Useful tips for this week:

1.Smoking can harm your baby’s health .This increases the chance of miscarriage and still births in pregnant women.
2.Take an appointment with your doctor.
3.Don’t take any medicines other than prenatal vitamins unless prescribed by the doctor.
4.Don’t listen to any advice from anyone other than your doctor.

What to eat?

Apart from the regular balanced diet,you don’t have any special dietary needs as far as 2nd week of pregnancy diet is concerned.
Try and reduce the intake of caffeine as it is believed to lower the chances of conception.It is a good idea to pick foods which are high in folic acid such as spinach and speak to your doctor about the folic acid supplements too.

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