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Vitamin-D is a fat-soluble vitamin which synthesis absorption of potassium, calcium, phosphate in our body. Also, sunrays and certain food(cheese, egg yolk, fatty fish, dairy products,etc.) are good sources of this nutrient. Therefore, it is also known as ‘sunshine vitamin’. Supplements intake of Vitamin-D can lower the risk of deficiency.

Adults require 600 International Unit (IU) or 10-20 micrograms of this per day for healthy functioning of their body. Though, older people need more amount of vitamin intake as compared to the younger ones.


Vitamin- D being a micronutrient is needed for optimal health care. However, it is the linchpin to our body functioning and the deficiency can cause serious disorders. Therefore, the need for vitamin-D intake are:

1) Synthesis of certain nutrients

It synthesises several nutrients such as calcium, potassium, phosphate.

2) Promotes healthy bones:

The synthesis of calcium and maintenance of phosphorus level by Vitamin-D promotes healthy bones. The deficiency of Vitamin-D intake can cause rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults.

3)Enshrines teeth:

It has proven to be a saviour when it comes to dental health. It has proven to relatively lower the risks of tooth decay and gum diseases as well. Also, calcium and phosphorus which is synthesized by Vitamin-D are responsible for making up the enamel and tooth structure.

4) Strengthens immune system:

This has proven to be quite effective in strengthening one’s immune system. Research shows people with adequate Vitamin-D intake are well immuned from diseases like virus influenza.

5) Beneficial for cardiovascular diseases:

It has proven to be an effective saviour in cardiovascular diseases and supports lung system as well.

6) Regulation of insulin levels:

Proper intake of the vitamin helps in insulin regulation. Thus, it is effective in diabetes management as well.

7) Protects from fatal diseases:

This is also shown to protect from fatal diseases like cancer. It influences the expression of genes involved in cancer cells. So, he right amount of this vitamin can do miracles to our lifestyle.

8) Keeps tiredness and fatigue away:

A person low on vitamin-D intake may often suffer from tiredness and fatigue issues. The synthesis of nutrients because of Vitamin-D intake can alter the situations and rejuvenate the cells in our body.

9) Providing beautiful healthy hair:

This nutrient does miracles to our hair. It promotes the growth of new hair follicles which leads to hair growth. It also shuns the falling of hair prematurely. Therefore, it blesses us with thick and healthy hair.

10) Preserver of skin:

Vitamin works as a wonder for our skin as well. It has proven to protect the skin from diseases like eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, etc. It also prevents premature ageing of the skin.

Symptoms of deficiency

One should grasp the subtle symptoms of deficiency as it can cause serious damage to our body when neglected for a long period of time. Rickets in children, osteomalacia in adults, osteoporosis as well as other deficiency diseases can be treated with the intake of this nutrient either naturally or by supplements. The symptoms :

  • The persistent feeling of fatigue, confusion and tiredness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Insatiable thirst for water
  • Frequent urination
  • Constipation
  • Vulnerable immune system
  • Weak bones and teeth structure
  • Drained physical energy
  • Dry skin and unhealthy hair
  • Obesity

Sources Of vitamin D

Vitamin-D being a micronutrient is needed in a small amount for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It plays a vital role in determining many factors. Therefore, it is essential we get the adequate amount of Vitamin-D in our body. There are many natural sources but can be supplemented as well when needed. Some of the sources are :

  • Natural occurring, enchanting sun rays: Sunlight is one natural source of Vitamin-D. Also, its magical rays do wonders to our body synthesizing calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other required nutrients.
  • Food: Unsocial as well as people who like being indoors can get an adequate amount of this nutrient from their food as well. Some food sources are fortified milk, beef liver(meat), egg yolks, fatty fish(tuna, salmon), mushroom, cheese, dairy products, soy, cereals, orange juice, etc.
  • Supplements: Supplements having USP marks are most trusted because of its slight variation. Some trusted and recommendable supplements are:
    Nature’s way Vitamin D³
    Solar ray Vitamin D³
    Garden of Life Vitamin Code RAW D³
    Most of the supplements recommended are either of Vitamin-D³ or Vitamin-D ² because of its great importance and role in healthy body functioning. Therefore, Vitamin-D intake should never be neglected, though, overdose should is also not advised and must be avoided.

Bottom line:

Vitamin D has several benefits and thus, should be consumed in adequate amount. A person should look for the symptoms of deficiency and accordingly contact a doctor. There are several capsules available in the market for this purpose.

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