Teenage for sure comes into the cluster of things that requires upmost care and attention. Teenagers are like those beautiful flowers just about to bloom. What will happen if it gets shattered by a storm, or stamped by someone’s feet? They’ll get buried into the caves of demolition.

The young minds of this age are vulnerable to several mental strains, which many a time they are not able to cope up with. These mental strains impact them negatively giving rise to states like depression, anxiety and stress. In the worst conditions it might reach up to the level of self-harm.


It is a crucial health condition where a person starts deliberately hurting themselves. They generally, do this as a means to cope up with pain or any other strong emotion. People prefer feeling something rather than being surrounded by the void of nothingness. Sometimes it indicates an alert or an attempt to seek-help. It’s a path through which they try to get back the steering of their lives. In search of relief or as a method to heal them some teenagers get trapped in the bars of self-harm.


There are different means which denotes its presence. These include-

  • Pulling of hair
  • Burning themselves
  • Different methods of marking such as cutting, scratching, and carving
  • Scab picking
  • Hitting yourself with a hard surface
  • Biting yourself
  • Digging nails into your skin
  • Starving themselves
  • Unsafe sex
  • Drug abuse
  • Alcohol
  • Cyber self-harm, which includes making malicious comments on their own ID’S from alternative account.


Most of the teenagers try to hide these signs. This happens because they are too ashamed of the act and terrified that they would be judged. They even get scared that their elders might get angry with them. So, to protect themselves from this disapproval and agonizing condition they chose to get into a hideous dungeon. It becomes our responsibility to look for these signs in them and pull them out into the light. These signs include:

  • Lack of interest in activities that they otherwise used to enjoy.
  • Change in appetite
  • Change in sleeping pattern
  • Wearing full clothes that covers their arms and legs
  • Avoiding any activity that would show their skin like swimming
  • Bunk classes or school
  • Drop in academic performance
  • Hide sharp objects such as blade, knife, razor, etc.
  • Have frequent mood swings
  • Getting unexplained injuries


The next important question is what to do after we have identified someone with these tendencies. We must understand the intricacy of this situation and handle it with love and care. Love and care comes among those two strong weapons through which this war can be won.

  • Aid their injuries: The very first thing that you need to do is provide aid to any injury that looks serious. Look through their body for bruises and cuts. Provide medical help. This will show them that they are important and love.
  • Listen to them: One of the reasons that led them to this place might be the trapped emotions inside them. Let all their anger and their feeling be out.
  • Talk to them: After you have listened to their tale, tell them yours. Try to be positive and supportive. Tell them you are with them and you understand them. Make the equations of self-love and self-importance sweep into their head.
  • Seek medical help: Provide professional help from a counselor or psychologist if needed.


Some drugs can cure a disease while there are some that can worsen it. Similarly, there are some actions that can jeopardize the recovery process. Owing to its intensity of destruction it becomes important to discuss them.

  • Don’t react with anger: Anger will do what ice does to fever. It will enhance the feeling of loneliness and fright in them. They’ll start contemplating about their actions being right as no one can understand them.
  • Don’t panic: this is a time when they need your support. Stay calm and converse with them. They need your support.
  • Don’t judge them: this is very important. Don’t ever judge them or them things that might hurt them. This will worsen the situation as well as their mental condition.


Self-harm can be explained as a medical condition where a person deliberately hurts themselves. Some tag it to be an amplified version of depression which might be life-threatening. This makes it menacing. On finding these signs on anyone it becomes very important to react smartly. Show them love and provide them a platform where they can let all their pain go. Seek medical help in serious conditions.


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