6 Worst “Healthy” Foods You’re Eating but are Not Healthy

6 Worst “Healthy” Foods You’re Eating but are Not Healthy

worst foods for health

If you know that chocolates or pizzas are your true kryptonite, leaving you powerless to turn them down, it’s ok- you are not alone! But if you are tired of having these foods have control over you, we are here to help. There are several foods which we consider as healthy but in actuality they are not. So, there’s an easy, effective, dietitian-approved way to gain control over those yummy, addictive, calorie-dense treats:

Firstly organized them for what they are.

Yeah, that’s all it takes!

So what does it means? Well, all you have to do is imagine or paint a picture in your mind’s eye of what, for example, a fruit cake really is- it’s just cake! There really isn’t much of a difference between the Saturday morning pancakes, and a slice of birthday cake. When you can change your mindset, you will realize that pancakes are fruit cakes and never worth it for breakfast when you know you can have actual cake or a cocktail later in the day. This logic applies to those foods that might come across as “healthy” food but really are junk food.

Here are some foods you might not realize are actually not as good for you as you may think!

1. One Sushi roll:

  • One Sushi roll is equivalent to three slices of bread.
  • How is that for a Buzz kill? Yes, a typical California roll contains the car exchange of between two and half to four slices of bread. People have this misconception of Sushi that it is healthy. But you have to realize, side dish after a big bowl of clear broth soup. And also, they eat a ton of vegetables and when they eat rice, they use chopsticks; they don’t shovel it in like we do. However, sushi can be quite healthy or unhealthy depending on what ingredients are used, how it is prepared and how much you eat.

2. A half cup of granola:

  • A half cup of granola is equivalent to 1 crashed-up cookie.
  • It is full of sugar, carbohydrates, high in fat, and clocks in at about 200 calories. But for just one and half cups!
  • People think ‘ oats’ and feel good about eating it, but its oats actually tossed in honey, which is crystallized sugar. If you want oats, eat unsweetened oatmeal with a sweetness of fresh berries on top.

3. Pasta:

  • The pasta is equivalent to a bowl of paste!
  • Yes, you read that right: paste. If you are like most people, you don’t love to eat pasta plain; it’s just bland. What you probably really enjoy in pasta is the flavor of the sauce, olive oil, all gobs of salted butter that it’s tossed in. So, instead of paste-a, get yourself a big bowl of steamed vegetables, and a bowl of sauce with the spoon, and you can create your own fantasy dish that’s mostly veggies.

4. Bagel:

  • A bagel is equivalent to three and a half slices of bread!
  • If you are thinking, it’s another quarantine day, I deserve a bagel, think about this: eating three to five slices of bread depending on the size, and it will be a lot harder to eat that bagel. You have to realise that when you wake up and have a breakfast rich in carbs, which sets you up for eating more and more carbs the whole day. So, having protein in the morning, by contrast, keeps cravings at bay. People, who eat a high proteins breakfast to those who either skip breakfast or ate breakfast of more carbs, and moderate protein, tend to have control over hunger, according to the studies.

5. Pancakes:

  • A pancake is equivalent to cake doughnuts are deep-fried dough.
  • Pancakes are not high in protein but can make you feel fuller for longer. Adding maple syrup to it can be the worst choice to have in the morning. It might be tasty, but doesn’t power you through the morning.

6. Beer:

  • A can of beer is equivalent to liquid bread.
  • A lot of people include beer with their breakfast or when they are having a hamburger. I do not provide any nutritional benefits but do contribute to add calories into your diet. So, it makes it a lot easier for people to eat a burger without a bun when they know it’s equal to a beer they can have with it.


I know junk food is present about everywhere. And the availability and convenience of junk food make it is difficult to limit or avoid. There are many naturally gluten free products like certain juices, chocolate bars and hot dogs labelled as gluten free to make them appear healthier. So, avoid so-called ‘healthy’ foods available in the market, and go for the foods having nutritional values.

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