Everything about : Acupressure and energy flow.

Everything about : Acupressure and energy flow.

Acupressure is a form of body massage. This traditional form of massage is a boon to our generation. Acupressure is all about restoring the balance between the negative energy and the positive energy in the body.

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In this treatment, a measured pressure is applied to target areas or points on the body and face. This pressure is input through the thumbs or fingers. The pressure is in correspondence with energetic flow-lines known as “meridians”. 

By applying pressure with a hand, elbow, or acupressure device, a therapist or massager can unblock these channels, promoting a sense of physical and emotional balance.


There are several points on our body that connects the pathways for the flow of necessary energy. These points are about in the range of 2000 present in our body. If these pathways of energy are blocked then it can make an individual very unwell and also cause physical pain in the muscles. 


Acupressure depends on the pathways of energy flow. The energy is in negative or positive form. Sometimes these negative and positive energies are referred to as the dark and bright side of the human body metabolism. 

Vedic medical practices states that these negative and positive energy needs to be balanced. The illness can occur in form of pain and stretch in the muscles.

Acupressure is a solution to unblock the pathways of the energy and flow of blood in the body. 

The human body over the times discovers some tight muscles and weak blood circulation and many other painful stretches due to less physical work. Acupressure helps in relieving those blocked points.

Who needs acupressure

People suffering from stress and fatigue, bloating in the stomach, sudden inflammation need to try acupressure exercises. Acupressure also helps in curing body pain such as back pain, knees, strains in ankles, sudden headache.

Insomnia and irregular sleep are also curable by acupressure.

Migraine is commonly observed nowadays. Even youngsters are facing migraine pain in their early 20’s. Acupressure exercises and practices can help you in overcoming this problem very efficiently.


  1. Do contact your regular physician before trying any new exercises or practices. There are chances that you are not aware of what’s going inside your body. Trying out something new that your body can’t handle can harm your system. So it’s better to take a piece of advice with your doctor before moving on to anything new.
  2. Don’t try using acupressure on your body if you are a patient with high blood pressure. Even if you had a history of high blood pressure, you should consider taking a consultation with your doctor or therapist. This way there will be no risks with your body.
  3. If you have old accidental scars, stretch marks, scars of stitches, swelling in any part of the body, or any recent unhealed wound or open and uncured wound, then acupressure is not your thing to go with. You can consider going with any other form of exercise for unblocking your blood pathways and the flow of energy. But acupressure is not a thing for you to go.

How acupressure, energy flow is performed.

The therapists generally use their fingers, palms, and elbows for creating accurate pressure on the body parts. With increasing advancement, there is now the availability of acupressure kits also. Along with that, there are many tools and elements that therapists use while giving acupressure.

  1. The patient is first asked by the therapist to lay down on the stomach. The therapists provide a comfortable environment for the patient to relax a bit before proceeding with the actual massage and application of the acupressure.
  2. The patient is then asked to describe the area of pain or problem. After knowing the target areas, therapists collect the application pieces of equipment.
  3. Then the therapist gives a gentle massage for making the flow of blood in the body. 
  4. The therapist then applies pressure in the target areas to clear the pathways of energy flow. 
  5.  The practitioner gently presses on different points of the body.
  6. This process repetitively continues for different body parts for a particular time and then you are all free from blockages in your body.

What are the possible risks?

There are as such no risks with using acupressure. The thing to remember is that always go for a consultation before using acupressure. Try to go for trained and experienced therapists if you are going for the first time. If you experience some soreness or laziness that’s complete because your body is feeling much lighter than before. So that’s no reason for worry. At any point in time, you feel intense pain in your body, you must tell your therapist at that particular moment only.

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