Body shape: 10 workouts for women to ensure good shape

Body shape: 10 workouts for women to ensure good shape

Exercising regularly is good for relieving stress. Moreover, routine exercises treat health issues and avoid them. As a matter of fact not every individual hits the gym regularly. There are some basic and effective workouts that can maintain body composure. Thus, they are good for women to maintain their shape. Here are a set of 10 workouts that can keep all women fit. In addition, one can also hire a trainer for supervision and instructions.

10 workouts to perform at home for women

  1. Jumping jacks

This is really simple. Moreover, doing it for 30 seconds can warm up your body and core. It is a good exercise to enhance fitness and stamina. When performed over a longer duration, it loosens our muscles and supplies more oxygen into the bloodstream. As a matter of fact this workout when done on a daily basis assures flexibility, body toning, calorie burn.

  • Push-ups
Three sporty women are doing push-ups on step aerobics equipment at gym. Front view.

This is exclusively done for the strengthening of upper body. Therefore, it is beneficial for chest shoulders and triceps. The thighs and abdominal muscles also receive good treatment. It is comparatively difficult in the initial stages to perform. But once in form an individual can try its different variants.

  • Squats

There are several variants of this particular exercise. When done in the right manner, one looks straight and experiences pain in the back or knees. Hence, the exercise is wrongly executed. Initially one does sets of 2/3 with 8-10 reps each. Furthermore it improves overall health by boosting digestion and blood circulation.

  • One leg stand

This involves balancing on one leg. As a matter of fact it develops flexibility. One requires concentration to maintain this posture. Hence keeping it straight help us stay focused and fight anxiety.

  • Bridge posture

Exercises like these are always good for relieving lower back pain. Hence it is a good exercise to relieve lower back pain and fight hypertension.

This puts the entire body to work. Moreover it focuses fully on the abdominal portion. One gets down on the floor on his elbow and toes. However the elbows should bend and stay below the shoulders. Keep this posture and hold your position for best results.

  • Leg raises

They are good for the abdomen. One lies on his back and raise his leg off the ground keeping the knees together. Try holding on to this position as long as possible, then come back to original position.

  • Breathing, Hands in and hands out

This is specifically for our lungs. Moreover it is also beneficial for the treatment of menstrual disorders. Stretch your arms in front and keep your palms closely together. While inhaling keep your arms to the sides till they form a straight line. Furthermore, one comes back to the initial position while exhaling.

  • Hip rotation

Lie flat on the mat, keeping the feet apart. Push one leg while looking straight. After some time pull it back to its original position. This exercise is repeated alternatively with each leg. Hence it is beneficial for our hip muscles and flexibility.

  1. Crunches

Crunches are good for the improvement of core muscles. Strength of the core muscles are necessary for ensuring a good posture. One lies on his back, with knees bent. Then he holds the backside of his head, with both arms such that the elbows point outwards. Hence he lifts his arms, head, and shoulder off the ground to reach his knees with the help of his abs only.   

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