Professional running has gained popularity in Australia. As amateur running was the requirement of Olympic selection, professional running developed from the same. Since there is a considerable amount of prize money in running, players run for that. And not only this but betting on runners is also a very popular activity. The runners are handicapped by giving the slower runners a start – the distance determined by previous running form. The most famous professional running race in Australia is the Stawell Gift.


The diet plan for all the runners may vary differently. This may depend on the running experience, goals, speed, etc. the optimal diet for one of the runners may create gastrointestinal problems for others. But today, we are going to talk about how you can include all the below tips in your diet and get yourself ready for your game.


                        One serving of oatmeal mixed with one scoop of whey protein. Take less sugar. You can try mixing cookies with your oatmeal. Toast with peanut  butter and jelly.


                        Proteins help you build your leg muscles. It helps in avoiding injury, and recover quickly. The protein requirements of the runners are 50 to 75 percent more than the non-runners.  Including chicken in your meal will help you a lot.


                        Before training, after training, and also, during the training, it is very necessary to keep your body hydrated. The proper amount of fluids regulate your body temperature, keeps your joints lubricated, and flush out the damaged cells.

Also, during the training, it is a good practice of drinking 3 to 4 sips of water, every 15-20 minutes. But it should be kept in mind that the fluid intake should nit exceed 600 ml per hour during running.


                        Always keep in mind that before 30 or 60 minutes of going out for training, you should eat small snacks, as they are easy to be digested. Not only do they get digested easily, they also give you an energy boost. The protein and carbohydrates should be balanced.


                        If you include natural spices to your diet, they reduce the inflammation in your body, and prevents injuries. Make a habit of having chopped ginger in your soups and smoothies. Drink ginger tea and stay fit.


                        A recovery snack should be taken after 30-35 minutes of finishing the race. During this time, your body is very responsive to nutrition, it will quickly rebuild the muscles by using the nutrients.


Add pulsin brown rice protein powder to your smoothie without greatly affecting the flavour of your smoothie.

Add some healthy fats to your smoothie, for example, flax seeds, or a handful of unroasted nuts, or avocado.

A great way to add fibre to your smoothie is to add veggies in it. You can go for nutrient rich leaves such as spinach. It helps in delivering nutrients to the muscles.

Choose low sugar fruits such as berries. Though bananas are high in sugar but they are good for refuelling and hence, can be added to your smoothie.

You may want to go for fruit juices, but no. they are very high in sugar. Instead of that, you may go for coconut water.


  • Sweet potatoes with berries, egg, avocado for protein, and dried fruit.
  • Oats, for the carb. With greens including spinach, kale, rocket, chard. Plain yogurt for protein, healthy fat requirements can be completed with nut butter. For extras, use spices(cinnamon, nutmeg, or cumin)
  • Toast with courgette, nuts such as walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts. For healthy fats, include butter, for extras seeds such as chia, flax, sesame, hemp etc.
  • Banana with beetroot, black beans, cheese such as cheddar, ricotta etc. You may include honey or maple syrup.
  • Include waffle, with pepper, salmon, olive oil, fresh herbs.
  • Also, quinoa, with tomato, milk, coconut oil and muesli can be taken. 


Due to menstrual blood loss, women have more requirements of iron than men. This brings women’s iron needs to 80% over those of men. So, women need to take diet richer in iron. If you feel fatigued or you cannot tolerate cold temperatures, go for an iron assessment.

  • Women should try to eat protein rich food for every meal. Try taking dairy products two or three times a day. Soy nuts or yoghurts can be added as protein snacks in the diet of a women runner.
  • Try eating more than nine servings of grains daily, let them be whole grains mostly.
  • Also try eating seven or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily.


In the voice of a professional runner:


Sleep in. (10:30-1:45; 3-9:30- this here literally saved my race. I had not gotten that long of a stretch the entire month)

Breakfast – 9:45 AM

Water (won’t be listing this, but I drink a lot of this; and many  times add salt to my food to absorb the water)

  • Apple
  • ¾ cup oatmeal cooked w/ 1 cup milk
  • blueberries and brown sugar topping
  • ~2 Tbsp. peanut butter for dipping
  • 12 oz coffee

11:30 AM RUN 3 EASY miles plus 5 x Strides

  • UCAN (1 scoop)
  • applesauce
  • Supplements – B complex liquid, Proferrin iron (while preparing food on semi-empty stomach)
Lunch –  1:30 pm
  • ¾ box of mac n cheese w/ coconut oil and milk and frozen peas
  • chicken maple sausage
  • salad w/ greens, zucchini, avocado & poppyseed dressing (full fat version)
Snacks 3:30-5

Always have snacks available in car for post-run or emergency hunger!

  • Sweet Potato chips- Food should taste good
  • Orange
  • Beef brisket cracker sample
  • Picky bar
Dinner -6:15 pm
  • 2.5 Egg
  • ½ avocado
  • Rice w/ olive oil
  • Brocolli
  • Greek yogurt
Snack– 9 pm
  • Red Wine (4oz) and peanut M&Ms (a handful)
  • Cereal – Trader Joes Fruit Rings, Corn Flakes; 1/2 banana
Bedtime Attempt 10:30 –  baby awake

Snack- 11 pm

  • Bagel w jelly & butter

Baby duty till 12:00 (lose an hour – daylight savings)

Day 2 — Sunday 3/13


Sleep 12:15-4:45 am

4:50 – hop on True Form Runner treadmill for activation .75 miles

Pre-Race Breakfast – 5:15 am
  • 1/2 cup Steel cut oats w milk & peanut butter
  • Banana
  • 12 oz Americano – black

6:45 – Warm up 2.25 miles; drills/strides

  • 4 oz Gatorade

7:30 AM Shamrock Portland 15K Race

  • Gu/water immediately at finish; cool down 1 mile (too cold to run more)
  • Apple
  • Kind protein bar
Snack – 10 AM
  • Starbucks egg & cheese sandwich

walk 1.5 miles to car

Lunch – 11:30
  • 3 pumpkin pancakes (butter, syrup, blueberries)
  • UCAN (1/2 scoop)

Nap 1:15-2

Snack – 2:15pm
  • Cereal (cheerios, granola), 2% milk

nap 2:45-4:15

Snack – 4:30
  • carrots & hummus
  • chocolate covered granola bar

General Strength exercises– core/pushups/pullups (25 min)

Dinner – 7:30 pm
  • Roasted red potatoes (~3 medium size w/ sea salt and olive oil)
  • Mac n cheese (1/2 serving cleaning kid’s plate)
  • ~4 oz chicken breast
  • Broccoli
  • big salad (ranch dressing) – tomatoes, spinage, zucchini
Snack –  9pm
  • TJ morning glory muffin
  • dark chocolate (2 squares)
  • Cereal – panda puffs, honey bunches of oats, 1/2 banana, 2% milk

Day 3 -Monday 3/14

Sleep – 10-11; 12:30-8

Breakfast -8:30 AM
  • Orange
  • (3/4 c) Oatmeal; cranberries, 1/2 banana, 2 tbsp peanut butter, milk (1 c)

11:00 am – Run w/ stroller (harder than I’d liked)- 62 min (7.5 miles)

  • UCAN (1/2 scoop)
  • Kind Bar – dark chocolate cherry
  • OJ (liquid B complex vitamins, proferrin)
Lunch –  12:45
  • Cinnamon raisin bagel, slice cheese, egg
  • Spinach, tomato, zucchini
  • Kettle chips w/ ketchup
Snack* – 3 PM
  • Big chocolate chip cookie
  • ½ caf Americano

*regret* – wanted to nap so badly; no option- still paying for lack of sleep race day. Caved and had more caffeine/junk.  (in hindsight – tea & healthy snack would have been much better)

  • Apple
Dinner -6 PM
  • Rice, chicken breast w/ salt & coconut oil, craisins
  • Spinach, green beans
Snack – 10 PM
  • Orange
  • Cereal – Fruity O’s, Honey Bunches of oats w/ blueberries and 2% milk

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