Best exercises for C-section recovery.

Best exercises for C-section recovery.

C-section delivery is a serious delivery surgery done by doctors. Recovery from this surgery is not so easy. It takes time, emotions, and patience. You have to be careful with everything after c-section. Here you are going to learn about some of the best exercises for recovery after going through a c-section. 

Managing your health with newborn.

Along with taking care of your newborn baby, you have to pay attention to your health and body also. 

C-section deliveries are sometimes medically necessary. The recovery time is slightly longer than vaginal birth. recovering from a vaginal delivery is comparatively less challenging. so you have to pay more attention. 

newborn and the mother

Exercising and stretching your muscles are very helpful in getting your proper body shape. But as you are not in any normal medical condition, so it’s not completely safe to go for exercises just after getting home from the hospital. You have to look for your doctor’s instruction to start exercising again. Avoid heavy walks and exercises for the first 2 weeks after C-section. Try from gentle and mild exercises. Do not do excess of workout. 

Here are some best exercises you can follow after your cesarean delivery for faster recovery:


Try to meditate under sunlight early in the morning. Taking deep breaths helps to relax and comfort your senses. Meditation helps you to keep calm. Blood circulation is also maintained. Spread your arm slowly and relax your belly. Stretch your back and move your arms slowly upwards and continue to move downwards. Release breathe while moving your arm down. Do this 5 times every morning but carefully.

Pelvic floor exercises:

Pelvic floor exercise is a regular part of your pregnancy. As soon as the catheter is out, you can resume doing Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles that support the bladder, bowel, and uterus. Pelvic floor exercises are very beneficial for your lower abdomen.

pelvic floor exercise

Wall sit:

This exercise works to strengthen quadriceps, hamstrings, pelvic floor muscles, thighs, and lower back. Stand with your back to a wall. Lean against the wall and go into a sitting position with your knees bent at a right angle. Engage your stomach muscles and pelvic floor muscles as you hold the position as long as possible. Repeat 5 times in your daily routine. 

Here are some exercises that strengthen your lower back after pregnancy: 

Avoid lifting heavy objects and stay away from weighted exercises after delivery. If weight exercises are followed after c-section then it might hurt your back muscles and you may crumble on the floor. So it’s better to avoid weights for a pretty period. 

Focus on the core and pelvic floor muscles to better support your back. 

Pay attention to your posture. Sit straight with your shoulders and back. 

Avoid sleeping on your back. Lie on your side with a pillow between your knees. It maintains a neutral position in your spine. And also helps in comforting your back muscle. 

Postnatal exercises:

These are a crucial and important part of recovery. They help to speed healing by providing support and strength to your muscles. Regular exercise also helps to boost energy and increase strength. A brisk walk may be exactly what you need to feel calm, refreshed, and rebalanced. 

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Your mental health is above all. Postpartum stress and depression is a very common problem for many mothers. Exercise can help you fight those feelings. Meditation and yoga are always a good source of positive energy. It also helps in fighting off depression and promote better sleep.

Exercises to avoid:

Exercises that involve jumping such as jumping rope, squat thrusts, jumping jacks, and sprinting or running.

Any exercise that puts pressure on your C-section scar

Any exercise that causes an extraordinary stretch in your lower abdomen can cause pain. 

Yoga asanas for cesarean delivery recovery.


Chanting ‘om’, while meditating and breathing helps in calming down. 


Corpse pose, widely known as Mrtasana. Stretching is good for the first couple of weeks and then go for your physical strength before starting with complex asanas.


This yoga posture helps to tone the abdomen area and also strengthens the female reproductive organ. organs in the abdomen area and pelvic region. It strengthens the female reproductive organs as well.

Bhujanga Asana:

Once you start recovering from your physical laziness, you can go for performing this asana. It tones your shoulder muscles, abdomen muscles, and chest bones. Practicing this asana will help to get through stiffness of the lower back and strengthen your arms and shoulders.

Surya Namaskar:

After practicing these asanas for a few weeks, you can move on to some more complex yoga poses. ‘Surya Namaskar‘, is an ideal yoga posture to follow for overall body strength. But, go for it only when you are comfortable enough to move your body parts smoothly. Also consider your muscle soreness. 

You can go for these above exercises and Yoga asanas for a faster and healthy recovery from C-section delivery.  

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