Tired of hiding that belly fat, or being the butt of jokes in your family / friends. Want to lose weight but no amount of fad diets seem to work ?

Worry not. We got you covered. All you need to remember is that any journey where you want to change your life will require action. Action only happens when we are determined to make a difference in our life believing that it will have a positive impact in our lives.

Patience is also something you will need to practice so that you can keep your cravings at bay and keep calm and focus on your weightloss journey.

One thing we often forget when we are preparing our mind and body for the weight loss journey is that the food we eat accounts to the kind of body we tend to have.

With mindful eating and light exercise even the toughest of fat vanishes leaving as light mentally and physically.

Here are the top 10 do’s to help you out on your journey.

  • Make sure to drink at least 2 glasses of water when you get up every morning. Having lukewarm water with a slice of lemon helps in releasing the body of its toxins. Plus VITAMIN C according to many world famous research has shown positive results when it comes to weight loss. Researchers say that as much as 30% of our metabolism is increased by having a daily intake of vitamin c rich food. It could be anything like oranges, lemon, amla. So make sure that you keep this point in mind while making your grocery list.
  • Breakfast should be filling as well as healthy. Eggs are a very good source of protein. Its bettor to avoid carbs laden food like bread which will only worsen our plan. Chapati is a good alternative which is highly nutritious.Plus add a few fruits so that your cravings are at bay.
  • Make sure that you are having a high protein diet. But the protein should be in the form of lentils and lean meat. Chicken and fish are excellent sources of lean meat and they can be cooked in various ways. This will help us in avoiding ordering food and keep our taste buds satisfied. Rice has a high amount of carbs so it should be eaten in less quantities.
  • Make sure to have nuts and a fruit in your bag so that you don’t buy junk food from outside.
  • Eat your dinner 3 hours before you sleep. Eat light food and please for heaven’s sake don’t binge eat at night when everyone is asleep. You are cheating on yourself and no one else.
  • Avoid sugar. This is one of our biggest enemies. Sugar is addictive. You probably won’t be able to stop yourself once you start. So just keep all the candies colas and the delicious pasta you bought away. For the time being. Avoiding sugar will fasten your weight loss and it is literally a very simple step. Again I repeat that IT IS SIMPLE, BUT NOT EASY.
  • Eat your food in a bowl. And make sure that you are using a colourful bowl so that it looks appetising to the eyes.
  • Make sure to consult a doctor and know whether you are allergic to any particular type of food or ingredient. Talking to your doctor will also give you the support mentally to finally take things seriously and start acting on your goals.
  • Exercise is not to be underestimated. The ratio to lose weight is 70% diet and 30% exercise. To the people who say that they cannot afford a gym membership or a trainer. Please do not get tense. Your problem has a solution that won’t even cost you money. Go on youtube and search for some beginners exercise videos. Try to follow that. I know, I know that the start will be the toughest. But trust me after that it gets easier. And you will start to become more efficient as the days progress.

Remember why you started this journey. Weather it was to fit in those old pair of jeans that have been in the cupboard forever or to live a better and more fulfilling lifestyle. This reason will be important on the desired when you feel like giving up on your diet since it did not give you the desired results.

Stop checking your weight every week. It may demotivate you. These things take time and are to be treated patiently. All the fad diets that promise you results are nothing nut clickbaits to lure the people and make money. But here you will be getting solid advice which has been practiced by many. Losing your weight is as important as feeling mentally and emotionally connected by your body. It should make you feel good rather than crappy. Eating good food is a sign that shows your mental strength to change your habits which very few people have the willpower to start.

You already got the leads on what to do when you are planning to shed the extra kilograms from your body. But there are some habits that should be avoided at all cost so that it does not hamper your hard work.

Here are the 10 don’ts that you should keep in mind while planning and executing your journey.

  • Don’t skip your morning breakfast. This is the worst thing you can do to your mind and body. Not eating your breakfast will damage your brain cells and ruin your hormonal balance. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends that we divide our daily intake of nutrients into 3 major meals and 2 minor or snacks. 
  • Dont cheat on your diet. Having one cheat meal a week is okay but don’t prolong it to the whole day.
  • Exercise should be basically divided into cardio and stretching. If the exercise does not suit you then don’t force it on your body.  This will do more harm than good.
  • Avoid cigarettes and alcohol. Period. You don’t need an explanation as to why here ? Or do you ? Alcohol has always been injurious  to our health.
  • Avoid red meat. This is one sad news for meat lovers. You have to cut back on your meat consumption so that you can come out as a more healthy and a better person towards the end of your journey.
  • Cut back on all kinds of junk food like fries, chicken nuggets ( sad but true ) cakes, ice cream and the fatty food that have not even an ounce of nutrition and are just empty calories.
  • Don’t add up on unhealthy salad dressing. They count to have too many unnecessary calories which is not worth all the precautions we take.
  • Don’t take too many liquid calories. They are the worst ways of ruining your health since almost all of them have too much sugar content.
  • Don’t eat mindlessly and blame yourself later. Skip the blame game. Make sure that you are having healthy snacks like nuts or a small fruit which is healthy and filling at the same time.
  • Last but not the least. Control your portions as they will matter the most here.

Remember that weight loss is simple about losing the extra pounds from your body. Calories intake will matter a lot and the kind of food you eat will also decide the destiny of your weight loss journey.

I take my leave here. If you have some queries then do make sure to contact us. We will be very happy to help you in leading a more fulfilling and prosperous life.







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