India's battle towards COVID-19


Coronavirus, which evolved in 2019, is termed as COVID-19, and for this terming, we don’t require any introductory part because it was spreading all over the world as well as by infection and through social media. In this article, we are discussing how the Indian population was facing coronavirus and its circumstances. We are going to know about so many myths about coronavirus and How the battle towards coronavirus is started and how it is running and when it will be successful. India’s battle towards this pandemic COVID-19 will discuss here.


The coronavirus is not so deadly, but it has a very less lethality percentage. Still, the rate of infection was enormously increasing nowadays because the world is running on contacts, and the first and foremost thing to know is that the coronavirus will infect through the air by tiny water droplets utilizing the victim’s nose, mouth, and eyes.

And also, the area which was touched by the victim following that any other human touches it, then they will increase the high chances of getting infected. The main intention of telling this is the coronavirus will be affected when one gets in contact within 1-2 meters. Therefore by keeping all these things in mind, one should ensure the safety and precautionary measures. Briefly, COVID-19 was spreading all over the world on a large scale because it doesn’t need any regular contacts. Just having a victim near you will have a chance of getting infected.


Whereas the Coronavirus first victim in India was an NRI, who was returned from Italy, the city where this pandemic is more and more than China. As India suffering from this pandemic starts from that point. And if we observe keenly most of that parent cases of COVID-19 were foreigners who had a travel history to China, Italy, London, Iraq, and middle east countries and also Europeans countries. Not only India but even so many countries like the United States, England were infected through these Non-residents of their state.

The Government took the necessary action of banning international travel and stops all the airways, but all these are done after we got nearly 200 positive cases. In India, it is a bit late, but we should think it in a positive way that at least now they banned those international travels. The root of this pandemic was not from India. Because of this, NRI’s and people of having travel history to infected countries lead to this worse condition in India, and because of those, so many Indians are suffering a lot.

These are the percentages of the coronavirus symptoms
These are the percentages of coronavirus symptoms


Thermal Screening at Chatrapati Sivaji International Airpot Kolkota
Thermal Screening at Chatrapati Sivaji International Airpot Kolkota

Basically, no to this question because one can travel wherever he wants and according to his works. But this impact was due to negligence of those travelers as one who visited those infected countries they should ensure the minimum safety towards society and all the people having high profiles they are not willing to stay in isolation wards. And some weirder than these they know the symptoms, and they observed those symptoms in themselves, but they don’t take care and as usually makes all his/her works such as meetings, parties, functions. This negligibility was so dangerous, which impacted India up to this extent. Thermal screening is also implemented in most of the airports to check if the passenger having fever one of the symptom of COVID-19. India’s battle towards COVID-19 was because of these people’s lack of ethics.


India's battle towards COVID-19 around all these sectors.
Impact of COVID-19 over all sectors in India on the scale 10

Altogether the population over the world is suffering a lot, and all the governments are making necessary steps towards this pandemic. Likewise, in India, things are happening, which are never happened before like all the state governments declared shutdown and all over India under lockdown for a week or two because of this coronavirus pandemic. Apart from this Indian Government is looking forward to implementing some required sections and laws to people aware of staying home rather than roaming as usual.

In addition to this, Janta Curfew, also announced by the prime minister the main intention behind this is the coronavirus can stay alive at a place for 12 hours, and this curfew is of around 14 hours.

If no one comes out, and no one goes .Virus then the chain of infection will be break.

As everyday COVID-19 cases are increasing exponentially by looking into this, the Government declared holidays to all Universities, Colleges, and all Educational institutions, gyms, spa. As the cases are increasing because of crowded areas, the Government decided to abandon all the public transport and airways. Every city in India has a new positive COVID-19 case every day. Because the people are assuming this virus as lite and no harm will be done if they go out. One should be aware of themselves about this pandemic. All software companies and all other IT companies are shut down and implemented work from home service to their employees, and The grandest cricket league in the world was also postponed due to this pandemic.


India, the second-most populous country in the world having less literacy rate than the first most populous country in the world, so-called china, the Government should encourage aware people about this pandemic, and the people should know the circumstances of this virus.

One should self-aware about this situation, but this was not going on, so the Government must take measures and should stop and break this chain before India experiences the worst phase of this pandemic.


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