Keto Dalgona Coffee

Keto Dalgona Coffee

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Keto Dalgona coffee is also known as whipped coffee or beaten coffee. It originated in the periphery of South Korea and was popularized by the actor Jungil-woo. The word Dalgona owes its cradle to Korea meaning, wow its sweet. This coffee has lately consumed everyone’s brain and heart worldwide by being the most surfed coffee on the internet. It has also gained tremendous popularity on tik-tok and some people call it the tik-tok coffee. Dalgona coffee is one of the libations that is made by whipping coffee, sugar, water, and hot or cold milk in equal proportions. Thus, this coffee can be served in two forms, icy cold or fiery hot. Keto or ketogenic diet is a type of diet which intends to burn down accumulated body fat. It does not burns he acquired carbohydrate.

It is an intensified fat, sufficient protein and minimal carbohydrate diet. Therefore, Keto dalgona coffee replaces sugar and sugar alcohols with an ardent sugar-free subordinate. So, when a dalgona coffee is escorted by ingredients verified by ketogenic diet we call it keto dalgona coffee. Or say when a dalgona coffee is deprived of sugar content, the coffee is called keto dalgona coffee. However, the taste of the keto dalgona coffee is as divine as a normal dalgona coffee. The difference lies in the elimination of the carb in the one following the keto diet. This heavenly beverage is ideal breakfast drink as it provides the perfect boost of energy. This is all that a person requires at the start of a day.


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Hot water: we need 30g or two Tbsps of hot water.
Instant coffee: only instant coffee can be used for making keto dalgona coffee. As, it gives the perfect whipped consistency for the coffee. We cannot use hot coffee or normal coffee grounds as they do not get whipped evenly. The quantity requirement for instant coffee is 14g or two Tbsps.
0 carb swerves: instead of confectioners swerve, granulated swerve or granulated monk fruit can also be used. The quantity requirement for swerve is 45g or five Tbsps.
Milk: the type of milk can be used according to choice. Any type of milk is ideal for the preparation of keto dalgona coffee. Also, we can use cold milk if we aim to make cold coffee. While we can opt for hot milk if our aim is to make hot coffee.
Ice: we need handful of ice for making cold coffee.

Recipe of keto dalgona coffee

Contrary to the saying that exquisite things require extravagant work the keto dalgona coffee, is very easy to make just in few steps. The total time required for the preparation of this drink is only five minutes. Let’s finally discuss the recipe of this magnum opus.

So let’s start with the process of making this mouth watering refreshment. We need to add hot water, coffee, and 0 carb swerves in a medium sized bowl. Then we need to whip it properly to provide this mixture with a proper thick mousse consistency. This process must be done with proper care and will require 2-3 minutes of time. A whisk or a hand mixer can be used to beat the ingredients into a mousse consistency.

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After this we need to add some ice cubes in a glass for cold krto dalgona coffee. Then fill the three-fourth of the glass with cold milk. If we aim to serve the hot version of this coffee we just need to fill the glass with warm milk.

Then simply add the whipped syrup on top of our milk. Our keto dalgona coffee is ready to cascade everyone in its enchanted taste. After this we or may not mix the whipped coffee with milk. If we choose to mix the liquid it will give a consistent taste. While if we chose otherwise the whipped syrup on the top will give an extra taste of flavor each time we take a sip.

This step is not a compulsory one. Thus, can be taken as an enhancement to the taste and appearance of our coffee. We can use instant coffee, cocoa, honeycomb, crumbled biscuits or Chocó chips for topping. It makes our coffee look even more pulchritudinous and also boosts the taste of the coffee.


This coffee is worth every ounce of attention it is getting. From the ease in its preparation to being tasty and healthy it has it all. It is ideal choice for people of every age group. One cup of keto dalgona coffee is packed with 30 calories, 2g fats, 1.2g carbohydrates 1 fiber and 1g protein.

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