Will Stretch Marks fade after weight loss? : Busting the Myths!

Will Stretch Marks fade after weight loss? : Busting the Myths!

Staying fit and healthy has been everyone’s dream. Everyone wants to have the least amount of fat percentage possible in their body so that their hot abs can clearly be seen from a distance! Some get their results sooner while some of them later. But there are a lot of things that come up in weight loss. If you were overweight, it is probable that you had some stretch marks. Stretch marks also occur during pregnancy when you gain weight rapidly. Even lots of men have this problem of stretch marks when they suddenly start gaining weight or muscle or even while losing them. It is tough to manage both weight loss and stretch marks!

It has been quite an assumption that after you lose your weight, the stretch marks are likely to go; we will find out today, if that holds true. Otherwise all that hard work you do to lose your weight or build muscle and what’s the use if you can’t walk around shirtless (if you are a man off course) because you don’t feel confident to show the stretch marks around the abs or muscles you worked so hard to build?

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are irregular markings on your skin that look like bands, stripes, or lines. The medical terms for stretch marks are striae and striae atrophica.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can happen wherever on the body and are often cause for concern. Stretch marks do not pose any risk to general health, but they can result in a weakening in body confidence and self-esteem, which often sees victims searching for ways to get stretch marks to go away after weight loss.

When we look down at our stomach or legs and are noticing these irritating marks, then we often wonder why we got that in the first place.

Stretch marks are usually the outcome of a quick increase in the size of the body. This could be from:

  • Development spurts, very common in adolescent boys.
  • Gaining a significant amount of weight.  
  • Gaining a large amount of muscle mass.
  • Undergoing substantial swelling or growing in one area. This can include pregnancy stretch marks and injury stretch marks. 

Stretch Marks and Weight Loss

Providentially, stretch marks can reduce in severity and even fade after losing weight and returning to a ‘normal’ body size, but this is very rare and you need to understand and accept it, not everyone gets lucky!

The health profits of losing weight can fairly be life-saving, but being left with the endless reminder of our past in the form of stretch marks can put a real sense of diminishing on the accomplishment. 

It’s impossible to get rid of stretch marks completely, whether you lose weight or not, but losing weight can help you feel better about your body — and therefore less self-conscious about your stretch marks.

If your stretch marks do not fade in time, there isn’t really anything you can do on your own to make them go away.

If stretch marks do not go away on their own, or at least fade to the point that they are no longer noticeable, the chances are that the damage is too deep and so getting them to go away is going to be a very difficult task.  

While some products on the market claim to fade or repair stretch marks, there isn’t really a “cure” for them. Prevention is the best medicine.


Early Treatment

At the first sign of stretch marks, you should begin treatment. Skin Doctors often recommend prescription retinol creams; which refine the skin’s texture and lessen the appearance and deepness of stretch marks. It’s advised to continue this regimen for at least two months and only after giving birth; since they aren’t safe for pregnant women. Again, remember that your stretch marks won’t fully disappear and that everyone’s skin reacts differently to topical treatments.

Fading Over Time

The more time that passes, the less severe your stretch marks will be in appearance. Permitting that rapid weight gain stops and prevents your skin from stretching more; you’ll notice your marks will fade from deep red or purple to a silvery or white color. With time, they may also become smoother and less deep in appearance. This fading process can take as little as several months to several years.


Remember that stretch marks are not harmful to your body and are completely natural for your body. Everyone in the world has these marks, there’s no need to be less confident and have low self-esteem; getting into good shape and losing weight will definitely make you feel better and you won’t even focus on the stretch marks when you have a fabulous body to flex on!







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